“In 20 minutes, I had water up to my buttocks”

“In 20 minutes, I had water up to my buttocks”
“In 20 minutes, I had water up to my buttocks”
Published on 05/13/2024 at 6:20 p.m.

Written by Amandine Pointel

Beaumont-le-Roger, a small town in Eure, was heavily affected by flooding on Sunday May 12, 2024. The mudslides caused significant damage. Some residents quickly found their feet in water. Testimony.

In the aftermath of the violent storms, it is time for clean-up in Beaumont-le-Roger, in Eure, a small town ravaged by floods on Sunday May 12, 2024. The mudslides caused a lot of damage.

Around 3:30 p.m., a hailstorm and torrential rain hit the town of less than 3,000 inhabitants. In a few minutes, the water, laden with mud, rushed down the coast of Neubourg to reach Beaumont-le-Roger, located below.


Floods and mudslides caused damage in Beaumont-le-Roger.

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In certain neighborhoods, many cellars and gardens were flooded by heavy rains, causing material damage. “In 20 minutes, I had water up to my buttocks.” tells us Adeline, a stricken resident.

“I was doing homework with my sons. We could hear water falling, falling, falling… I went to look outside and I saw the water slowly starting to come in from under -ground”.

“And in 20 minutes, with my towels, I couldn’t absorb what came in.” Adeline then decides to call the firefighters for reinforcement, “but the water level was too high for them to do anything. We were afraid,” continues the mother.

Everything that was in the basement is lost… all the photos we had, lots of sentimental stuff.

Adeline, affected resident

VIDEO. The report in Beaumont-le-Roger by Emmanuelle Partouche and Pierre Léonard

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Floods in Normandy: “In twenty minutes, I had water up to my buttocks”

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In his basement, everything is lost. “All the photos we had, a lot of sentimental stuff…clothes, household appliances…”. But the resident of the town puts things into perspective: “But I tell myself that I have all my head, my two legs, my two arms, so we’ll say that it’s okay.”

In Beaumont-le-Roger, at least 40 houses, a dental office and a business were affected. Despite a yellow alert issued yesterday by Météo France for a risk of storms and floods, the mayor of the town, Jean-Pierre Le Roux, says he is powerless in the face of such a violent episode.

“When we see the intensity of the rain that fell yesterday, it was bound to overflow. It’s exceptional what happened, we couldn’t have predicted such intensity.”

This Monday, May 13, city officials were hard at work cleaning up the damage. Pumping operations started in the early morning when the water level had dropped to its lowest level.


This Monday, May 13, Beaumont-le-Roger agents were hard at work cleaning up the damage.

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In Eure, firefighters from SDIS 27 intervened 132 times. Fortunately, the bad weather caused no casualties.

Seine-Maritime was less impacted by bad weather: 22 interventions by firefighters were necessary. But for some farmers, the material damage is numerous.

In Bacqueville-en-Caux, Benoît Pienoel, a market gardener, was particularly affected: he lost 10 hectares of crops. As a result, he will no longer be able to do the markets, which means no money coming in. “We don’t know if it will resume, but what we already know is that there will be no harvest. We will continue to plant when the weather is good to try to get back on track.”

VIDEO. The report by Gregory Archiapati and Patrice Cornily:

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Ravaged crops in Bracqueville-en-Caux

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The City hopes for recognition of the State of natural disaster.



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