“It is urgent to act”: a European report highlights France’s “alarming” failings in the face of cancer

“It is urgent to act”: a European report highlights France’s “alarming” failings in the face of cancer
“It is urgent to act”: a European report highlights France’s “alarming” failings in the face of cancer

Excessive smoking, fewer specialized doctors, insufficient screening… when it comes to cancer, France is a bad student of Europe, denounces the European Cancer Organization in a report published this Monday, May 13.

“Shortages” Who “put the survival and quality of life of all French people affected by the disease in serious danger” : in a report published this Monday, May 13, the European Cancer Organization (ECO) points out the flaws “alarming” of France in the face of cancer, and urges the authorities to “to act”.

“Excessive smoking, staff shortages, medical deserts, insufficient screening, inequalities”… the report is harsh on France’s fragilities.

The examples follow one another: “One in four French people smoke cigarettes daily, compared to 18% on average in Europe”first notes the study which recalls that “This excessive smoking kills more than 48,000 French people each year, up to 60% more than in other European countries.”

It also establishes that “France has 1.52 oncologists per 100,000 inhabitants, while the European average is 3.242”. That “30% of the French population lives in a medical desert”particularly in rural areas where older populations live.

In terms of screening, he recalls that “the colorectal cancer screening rate in France is only 34%, far from the 80% reached elsewhere in Europe”. For breast cancer, France is also behind: 46.9% of the target population compared to 54%. However, it is more dynamic for cervical cancer screening: 58.8% versus 56%.

As an example of inequality, “the 5-year survival rate of men with colorectal cancer from the most disadvantaged areas is 6.4 points lower than the rate of those from more advantaged areas”, And “this difference is 5.5 points in women and reaches 15 points for certain cancers”.

“Take clear steps”

Based on the European Manifesto against Cancer, the report provides avenues for action. For example, ban the sale of tobacco before the age of 21. And “tax new tobacco and nicotine products in the same way as cigarettes, increase tax rates on cigarettes and tobacco”.

To compensate for the shortage of personnel, “take clear steps”notably “reduce hospital bureaucracy” And “improving the quality of life at work”. For correct inequalities, establish an observation and adapt actions accordingly.

Coincidentally with the calendar, the study appears symbolically as Daniel Nizri, president of the League Against Cancer for three years, has just announced his resignation, “as of this Monday, May 13 at 1 p.m.”.



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