Viggo Mortensen, better actor than he is filmmaker, according to Le Masque

Viggo Mortensen, better actor than he is filmmaker, according to Le Masque
Viggo Mortensen, better actor than he is filmmaker, according to Le Masque

The actor and director plays Holger Olsen. She is Viviane. He is Danish, she is Quebecois and they love each other. Together, they settle into an almost dilapidated farm at the bottom of a canyon in Nevada. Until the day Olsen decides to get involved in American Civil War. Vivienne then has to face the local bastards alone. Vivienne is played by the Luxembourger Vicky Krieps and his partner’s ambition is to put a female character at the heart of this canonical genre that is the western.

For Xavier Leherpeur, it’s “a parodically stupid western”

The critic of 7th Obsession assumes to share a review that is far from being laudatory of the film: “First, I didn’t understand the opening scene, I thought it was a pastiche, why not a parody of western, but where everyone goes wrong I have the impression that it’s a club of suicide candidates.

And then Viggo Mortensen, for ten minutes, turns from a distance and from behind, he obviously has an absolutely magnificent charisma even from behind and he reserves a shot where he reveals his face which is of a nameless, complacent stupidity. Afterwards, we are told that it’s a feminist thing, but it’s nothing less than a non-feminist parody western at all.”

Only Viggo Mortensen is exciting, according to Pierre Murat

However, as a general rule, the critic is not particularly passionate about Viggo Mortensen, but this time, he would almost have preferred a scenario where only the actor takes over the screen: “I must admit that he this time a weight, a presence, a heaviness which absolutely goes with the character Overall, I find that it works well because, despite a tedious scenario, there is the presence of a fascinating actor.

Ariane Allard: a classic, authentic western, but which remains locked in gender stereotypes

The cinema journalist for the magazine Chat didn’t see the same film as Xavier Leherpeur at all. But if she welcomes this luminous association between tradition and modernity in relation to the history of the United States, she points out the persistence of certain sexist codes in the relationship between men and women: “Rather than a pastiche, I think that it’s a tribute, because Viggo has an extremely naive and gentle look. It’s a film which is nourished by classic westerns and which, at the same time, wants to inject a little contemporary. I quite like this side. little romantic fresco à la Sydney Pollack with sublimated, luminous actors.

Afterwards, when I hear that this film would offer a feminist perspective, no one notices that the film is still structured around a couple where the man is 65 years old, the woman is 40 years old, as if it was completely wrong. self. Cinema is first and foremost a question of image and representation, and there what we are shown is always the same thing with the man who matures in a flamboyant way, who has the right to be seen in the cinema when his partner cannot decently exceed forty.” .

Murielle Joudet points out the lack of experience as a filmmaker

In front of the film, cinema criticism for The world she also thinks that Viggo Mortensen maintains a completely libidinal relationship with Vicky Krieps, and that if he has gold in his hands, he unfortunately ends up damaging everything he wants to stage: “He doesn’t do anything this love or this libido that he expresses for this actress He does not film her, he does not know what to do with his solitude. There is almost a contradiction in making a western today, in taking a conservative form. at the same time as putting it through the feminism mill. You might as well not make a western and immediately make a feminist film.

If the film has the makings of a very beautiful melodrama, with very beautiful themes such as filiation, the meeting of the two characters is not filmed. It’s very embarrassing how much of the film’s emotion relies on tenuous things, and that Viggo Mortensen completely misses. He doesn’t know where the beauty of his film really lies.”

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“To the End of the World” by Viggo Mortensen

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