INFO THE DISPATCH. A trader in custody for attempted murder

INFO THE DISPATCH. A trader in custody for attempted murder
INFO THE DISPATCH. A Castres trader in custody for attempted murder

the essential
For having wanted to settle an unpaid debt, the Castrais is suspected of having attacked the brother of a client in the face with a knife, in the Aillot district. A judicial investigation was opened against him. The file was sent to the public prosecutor’s office.

The curtain of the “Destock d’la hess” store has been closed for several days on rue Emile Zola, in . According to our information, the merchant who opened his store, specializing in low-cost products, at the end of 2023, is currently in pre-trial detention at the Seysses remand center.

A judicial investigation was opened against him for attempted murder. The file, initially in the office of the Castres public prosecutor’s office, was transferred to the Criminal Investigation Department in Toulouse. The individual is suspected of having slashed a man with a knife last Tuesday evening, rue du Languedoc, in the Aillot district.

A debt at the origin of the facts?

At the origin of the conflict, a debt of 120 euros from a customer, unpaid. It would be to recover his money that the merchant would have gone to see the brother of the customer in question, asking him to pay for him. The precise unfolding of the events is unknown at this stage. What we do know, however, is that the tone rose between the two people and that the merchant then allegedly attacked his interlocutor in the face with a knife. The victim fared relatively well: seen by a doctor, she had several stitches, but her condition did not require hospitalization.

Arrested, placed in police custody and interviewed by investigators from the BSU, the Urban Security Brigade of the Castres police station, the Castres trader defended himself. According to our information, he minimized the facts, even though the violent scene took place without witnesses.

Already incarcerated in for violence in the past, he was known to the police, with several mentions in his criminal record.

This man, who lived in the North for a long time, arrived in Castres a few months ago, where he opened his clearance business. We met him on this occasion. He explained to us that he had worked for some time in the automobile sector, and that he opened his shop to “help people”, by offering a wide variety of inexpensive items.

The investigation will now attempt to answer several questions: was the man drunk at the time of the events? Are the motives for the altercation as clear as they seem? What exactly happened this Tuesday evening in Castres?

Investigations will continue in the coming days.



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