Tina Kunakey already has the handbag that all fashionistas will snap up this summer

Tina Kunakey has just revealed her latest fashion find. This is an overpriced leather handbag.

On social networks, Tina Kunakey has gotten into the habit of sharing her daily life as a star with her million subscribers. On her latest publication, dated May 9, 2024, the French model sports a mix and match look and the most desirable handbag of the season.

To go with her XXL jogging pants and her black denim jacket, Tina Kunakey opted for a leather handbag. Adorned with countless golden studs, this bag “very large format” is sold for 6,500 euros by the Italian house Prada. And for those who prefer a slightly smaller model, the “large format” is sold for the modest sum of 5,800 euros. Validated!

The star of the moment? The French model Tina Kunakey. The young woman, born in 1997, shares her daily life and her most beautiful outfits with her 1.4 million followers on Instagram. Whether she’s pregnant, on vacation in the sun or on the red carpet, the model isn’t afraid to express her personality through her daring looks and always successful. Courted by the greatest creators, she regularly signs new campaigns for prestigious brands. Decryption of his look.

Tina Kunakey during the Jacquemus “Le Raphia” fashion show on December 12, 2022 at Le Bourget © ABACA

In a word: versatile. The model does not hesitate to evolve your style throughout the seasons and trends, generously mixing textures, colors and bold prints. Result ? Outfits sometimes casual, sometimes very feminine, but always very “Tina”. No surprise, then, to find the Italian label Miu Miu among its favorite brands. Low-waisted skirts, crop tops and structured suit jackets are part of her stylistic vocabulary.

What are Tina Kunakey’s casual looks like?

In the city, she generally opts for comfortable outfits, with a lot of jeans, loose sweatshirts or even XXL shirts. Very creative, she often adds her own personal touch by using a good number of accessories, such as a small designer handbag-rice or flashy jewelry. Printed scarves and large hats are, for example, key pieces of her wardrobe, especially when she goes on vacation.

Tina Kunakey at the Venice Film Festival on September 2, 2022 © Marechal Aurore/ABACA

On the red carpet, impossible to miss it. His favorite fashion gimmick? Put on long gala dresses, black to play the femme fatale or bright to impress the assembly. And at the feet, high heelsalways, which lengthen its silhouette.

Who designed Tina Kunakey’s wedding dress?

On August 24, 2018, Tina Kunakey and Vincent CasselThey said yes during an intimate ceremony in Bidart, in the Basque Country. For this big day, the bride chose a strapless dress with a large tulle petticoat signed by the designer Vera Wang. To cut the cake, and dance all night, she opted for a draped dress Jacquemus and precious earrings.

What are Tina Kunakey’s favorite brands?

If her style is versatile, her favorite brands are just as versatile. On the red carpet, she generally focuses on Valentinowhile on a daily basis, she happily dons the creations of Jacquemus, of which she never misses a parade. Muse Superga since March 2023, she has swapped (in the city) her high heels for the legendary tennis shoes of the Italian brand. Among the brands she particularly likes, we also find Ralph LaurenTommy Hilfiger, Stella McCartney or even Amina Muaddi.

By not following (too much) the trends. Mix casual pieces with some dressier pieces, and twist the set of jewelry or personal accessories. Don’t forget to wear colorbest tip to brighten up everyday life!



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