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Fuel prices May 2024Fuel prices May 2024Fuels: Fuel prices continued to fall last week. For its part, the average price of dated Brent oil reached 83 dollars i.e. a sharp drop in 4 dollars per barrel over the past week.

B7 The average price per liter of diesel (diesel), best-selling fuel with almost 80% of volumeswas established at €1.7186 including tax, down by 2.13 cents compared to last week (its price excluding tax was 0.8233 euros i.e. 1.77 cents less tax over the week).
Its annual average for the year 2023 was €1.7948 and €1.8484 in 2022.

E5 Concerning the price of a liter of unleaded gasoline 95 (SP95), it fell by 2.10 cents by establishing itself at 1.9115 (0.9016 euros Excl. VAT, i.e. -1.75 cents of taxes).
Its average in 2023 was €1.8832 and €1.8093 in 2022.

E10 As for the price of unleaded 95 containing up to 10% ethanol (SP95-E10), its overall billing decreased by 1.89 cents to attach to 1.8820 VAT included per liter (0.8968 euros Excl. tax, i.e. -1.58 cents in taxes compared to last week).
Its annual average in 2023 was €1.8576 and €1.7653 in 2022.

E5 Lead-free 98 (SP98) also fell to settle at 1.9752 per liter, i.e. a reduction of 1.42 cents on its general pricing (0.9547 euros Excluding tax, i.e. -1.18 cents of tax).
Its average in 2023 was €1.9389 and €1.8634 in 2022.

LPG THE LPG as for him losing 0.08 cents to settle in 0.9862 (0.7064 euros Excl. VAT, i.e. -0.07 cents of taxes).
Its average in 2023 was €0.9802 and 0.8444 in 2022.

E85 Finally, the Superethanol (gasoline containing more than 60% bioethanol mixed with SP95) decreased to 0.8741 per liter is a reduction of 0.18 cents over the week (0.6101 euros Excluding taxes, i.e. -0.15 cents of taxes over the week).
Its average in 2023 was €1.0553 and €0.7978 in 2022.

The Ministry of Ecological Transition publishes the average fuel price every Monday, covering the period from Friday to Friday of the previous week.

🛢️ Oil prices rose slightly on Monday, driven by new Ukrainian strikes on Russian energy infrastructure, with investors also awaiting key data on inflation in the United States later in the week.

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Average fuel prices in 2023Average fuel prices in 2023

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