What were five Rwandans doing on a remote Australian island?

What were five Rwandans doing on a remote Australian island?
What were five Rwandans doing on a remote Australian island?

Five Rwandans fled their country to take refuge very far from home… They were found on a small Australian island… in the north of the country…

The detail of their trip is extraordinary: this small group of Rwandans first took the plane to Indonesia.

They then traveled thousands of kilometers eastward, until they reached West Papua. Then, they crossed the land border which separates this Indonesian province from Papua New Guinea.

Finally, they headed south to take an inflatable boat and launch into the Torres Strait which separates Papua New Guinea from the first Australian islands. That of Saibai is only 4 km from the Asian continent.

But how were they found?

It was local hunters who spotted them in the middle of the mangrove, a place infested with crocodiles. It was by bringing them back with them that our five Rwandans expressed their desire to claim political asylum.

This story is making noise in Great Britain where, for several months, the government of Rishi Sunak has been trying to convince British public opinion that it is perfectly safe to relocate to Rwanda asylum seekers who have arrived illegally in Great Britain. Brittany time to examine their case.

It is the best-known part of a program aimed at deterring the arrival of migrants by makeshift boat on British beaches. Nearly 30,000 arrived in Britain this way last year. A figure down by a third in one year.

Where are the British with this program which aims to send asylum seekers back to Rwanda…

At the end of April, Conservative Prime Minister Rishi Sunak assured that the first flights to Africa’s Great Lakes would be ready 10 to 12 weeks later, which means at the end of summer. The problem is that legislative elections should take place by the fall.

However, the big favorite in the polls, the Labor Party, has already said that it would cancel this program which is precisely inspired by Australia: for a decade, the island-continent has in fact been sending thousands of km of its coasts migrants disembarked by boat.

In this case on the independent Pacific island of Nauru or that of Manus Island in Papua New Guinea. Except that this last destination was declared illegal by the Papua Supreme Court and that Nauru only welcomes 63 people at the moment, Australia having gradually abandoned this very expensive solution and Source of endless controversy.

Finally, the arrival of five Rwandan asylum seekers in Australia after this incredible journey demonstrates – through the absurd – that Rwanda is far from being the exemplary country in terms of human rights praised by the British Conservatives. .



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