Bill Maher Explains Why He Believes Donald Trump Is ‘Literally Crazy’

Bill Maher Explains Why He Believes Donald Trump Is ‘Literally Crazy’
Bill Maher Explains Why He Believes Donald Trump Is ‘Literally Crazy’

Bill Maher is aware that he is equally enjoyed and derided by the political right and the left. In an interview with CBS News’ “Sunday Morning,” Maher told Robert Costa that he’s loving to speak for the “normies” anyway. “I speak for that, I think, vast middle that is tighter than partisanship,” he explained. “I don’t want to hate half the country, and I don’t hate half the country.”

As for GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump? He is “literally crazy,” Maher said.

The conversation largely centered around Maher’s latest book, “What This Comedian Said Will Shock You.” In it, Costa said, Maher expressed that “the left irritates” and “frustrates” him, but the political right “often alarms you.” Maher agreed.

“Yes,” he said. “They’re very alarming. They’re extremely alarming, more alarming.” To critics that believe Maher should focus more on right-wing politics in the US if he’s alarmed, he said there’s one problem: “The truth isn’t one-sided like that.”

“The Democrats constantly are running against Trump with the idea, ‘You people out there couldn’t possibly vote for this guy,’” Maher continued. “And people are saying, ‘Watch me. Hold my beer. Watch me vote for him again.’”

Instead, the media should focus on Trump’s obvious faults, Maher asserted. “We know he’s a liar,” Maher explained. “He’s Donald Trump. He can’t help himself. He’s crazy. I mean, I think literally crazy. I think there’s a level of malignant narcissism, which is not just a personality quirk. It’s diagnosable, and he suffers from it.”

Maher also said that Trump has an “open invitation” to come on to his show, despite the fact that he’s refused repeatedly. “I don’t think he really hates me, because I think he… the amount of times that he goes after me, he watches the show.”

“’Accidentally,’” Maher continued, “it’s always ‘accidentally’ — he watches it accidentally every week. It’s amazing.”

Trump has made a regular habit of watching — and then complaining about — Maher’s show. In March he dropped out after Maher devoted a significant portion of his monologue to the former president. “Bill Maher is the worst!” Trump wrote on Truth Social. “He never got it, and never will. Bad ratings, a big fail on CNN shot, major case of TRUMP DERANGEMENT SYNDROME.”

He was back at it last month after Maher interview Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Trump returned to Truth Social and wrote, “I actually watched, first time in a long time, ratings challenged Bill Maher’s really boring interview with RFK Jr. last night, only to find that Junior’ is far more LIBERAL than Maher and, in fact, far more LIBERAL than anyone running as a Democrat, including [Cornel] West and [Jill] Stein.”

“Yet despite this, he has no hope as a Democrat because they were able to use their typically Fascist tactics of repression and throw him out of the Party, like a dog, because he was taking primary votes away from the worst President in history of our Country, Crooked Joe Biden,” he added.

Watch the interview with Maher in the video above.

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