Google issues urgent Chrome update to all UK users – relaunch your browser today

Google issues urgent Chrome update to all UK users – relaunch your browser today
Google issues urgent Chrome update to all UK users – relaunch your browser today

If you use Google Chrome to browse the web, read emails and more it’s vital that you relaunch this software without delay.

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Chrome users across the UK – and the rest of the world – need to make sure that their web browser is fully up to date with the very latest version. The alert has been issued after a worrying flaw was found within Google’s massively popular software which could give hackers access to personal PCs and data held on hard drives. What makes things so urgent is that the bug (which was discovered in CVE-2024-4671) has been handed the dreaded ‘Zero-day’ rating which means hackers are already aware of the glitch and are actively exploiting it.

“The Stable channel has been updated to 124.0.6367.201/.202 for Mac and Windows and 124.0.6367.201 for Linux which will roll out over the coming days/weeks,” Google explained in an update on its website. “Google is aware that an exploit for CVE-2024-4671 exists in the wild.”

According to the security team at Action1, this new bug could allow hackers to take advantage of improperly managed memory to gain control of an affected device.

“Such vulnerabilities could lead to system crashes, data corruption, or worse—if skillfully exploited by an attacker, they could result in unauthorized access and control of a victim’s system,” explained Mike Walters, President and co-founder of Action1.

“Google has acknowledged that an exploit exists in the wild, which means that attackers are actively using this vulnerability to compromise user systems. This elevates the severity of the situation and requires immediate action.”

So what do you need to do now to stay protected?

Some Chrome browsers will update automatically but now is a good time to check your settings and relaunch this software as that installs any pending upgrades and keeps your PC safe.

To check which version of Chrome you are using, simply head to “About Chrome” in the Settings menu. Here it will show you which version you have installed.

If it reads “Chrome is up to date – Version 124.0.6367.202” you are all good and can safely browse the web – if it asks to “Re-launch” the application then it’s wise to do this as soon as possible.

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