WEC – Valentino Rossi: “I always knew I wanted to drive cars”

WEC – Valentino Rossi: “I always knew I wanted to drive cars”
WEC – Valentino Rossi: “I always knew I wanted to drive cars”

Why did you decide to return to car driving after the end of your motorcycle career in 2021?

VR: “I always knew that I would like to drive cars after my motorcycle career so I started working at the end of 2020. During my career, I always tried to make time to be able to drive cars. Obviously the MotoGP was my priority, but I knew that then I would do car racing. When I was young, I started by doing karting, and motorsport always remained in my heart. I did rallying and. also other categories, and I realized that the GT3 was the best option for me. We then discussed with several manufacturers and when I spoke to Vincent Vosse, the boss of WRT (the team which owns it. recruited, Editor’s note), he is the one who showed the most confidence in me and running for him was really the right choice.”

Is the World Endurance Championship a difficult competition?

VR: “It’s a world championship and you quickly realize the very high level, so I’m delighted to compete in it. There are a lot of superb cars, very good drivers and a superb atmosphere. You have to work a lot , always push to the limit because the level is very high, but I am very happy I first learned in GT World Challenge before arriving at the WEC and it was a very good school because the level was. high with close races and big battles on the track.”

What is the difference between WEC and MotoGP, and which do you prefer?

VR: “The big difference is the format because in MotoGP the race lasted 45 minutes, here it’s several hours. So there are a lot of strategies and you have to share the car, which I like a lot. Nothing I might like it more than motorcycling, but I love driving GT3. Motorcycling is more physical so you have to be younger to perform well in MotoGP. There are also similarities like braking, finding the right lines. , putting on the gas at the right time… It’s very different and similar at the same time.”

Valentino Rossi

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Would you like to one day drive a Hypercar, the premier category of endurance racing?

VR: “I would like to drive the Hypercar and I am insisting a lot with BMW (the German manufacturer equips the WRT team, Editor’s note) so maybe at the end of the year I will try it. But to be honest, They are really the best drivers in Hypercar and I don’t know if my level is sufficient. Obviously it would be a dream to drive in the Hypercar championship, the premier category, but I am already very happy in GT3 and I hope to become one of the best. .”

You are going to participate in the 24 Hours of Le Mans next month, what does that mean for you?

VR: “When I started motorsport, participating in the 24 Hours of Le Mans was my first goal because it is the most prestigious race in the world. Last year I was able to discover the circuit and I really enjoyed loved it. It’s an honor to be able to compete in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. I really like 24-hour races, I’ve already done three of them. To win at Le Mans, everything would have to go perfectly.”

How do you imagine your future?

VR: “I want to continue to compete in the WEC for years to come and also race in the GT World Challenge. I hope to continue racing as long as possible. Physically I feel very good. As long as I am fast and take pleasure, so why not I will continue for ten more years.”

Speaking of MotoGP, do you think your compatriot Francesco Bagnaia can win a third world crown in a row?

VR: “I think Pecco (Bagnaia) can win a third consecutive title this year, even if it won’t be easy, especially with Jorge Martin (Ducati-Pramac).”



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