Ligue 1: scorer, Kylian Mbappé bids farewell to the Parc des Princes

Ligue 1: scorer, Kylian Mbappé bids farewell to the Parc des Princes
Ligue 1: scorer, Kylian Mbappé bids farewell to the Parc des Princes

Mbappé leaves the Park with a defeat against Toulouse (1-3) this Monday morning during the 33rd day of Ligue 1. The superstar would undoubtedly have preferred not to be left with a setback, the second in the league for PSG this season – anecdotal since the title has already been acquired. But the captain of the evening in the absence of Marquinhos scored his 256e goal in seven seasons in the capital, at the 8e minute for number 7. And this, in true Mbappé style, going deep on a powerful clearance from goalkeeper Arnau Tenas before dribbling past Guillaume Restes and pushing the ball into the cages.

Toulouse striker Thijs Dallinga nevertheless cooled the atmosphere five minutes later by scoring from close range on a serve from Moussa Diarra, who took advantage of the usual wanderings of the Parisian rearguard.

Mbappé missed the double when his shot from a cross from Carlos Soler grazed the post (57e), then during a deflected recovery in the area (66e). And while the atmosphere was high with Ultras chants echoed by the entire stadium, Toulouse took the advantage with a great strike from Gnantin Yann Gboho (68e). Frank Magri hit the nail on the head in the very last minute of the match.

The few whistles punctuating the end of the match were quickly covered by “We are champions”. Kylian Mbappé, at first with his hands on his hips, visibly disappointed with this outcome, then went to give a hug to the other Parisian whose last match at the Parc, Keylor Navas.

The final consolation was that during the trophy presentation ceremony, his name was chanted forcefully by the public, at the invitation of speaker Michel Montana. He appeared all smiles on the podium mounted in the center of the pitch, among others his friends Achraf Hakimi and Ousmane Dembélé, before starting a lap of honor with his teammates.


Earlier in the evening, upon his entry for the warm-up, Kylian Mbappé was celebrated by the Ultras d’Auteuil stand, with a tifo in his image, a banner “Child from the Parisian suburbs, you have become a legend of PSG “, chants and smoke bombs. The player reached the bottom of the stands to thank the supporters, whom he had met on Friday evening after the publication of the video announcing his departure.

A sign of mixed feelings in the public, a few minutes earlier, the name of Kylian Mbappé had been whistled by part of the Ultras during the announcement of the composition in the stadium.

Furthermore, the climate is frosty between management and the superstar, a climate established since Mbappé announced last summer that he would not activate the extension clause in his contract. The club has not organized any official tribute.

In the pre-match hosted by the club, the name of Kylian Mbappé was skillfully avoided. “The evening event is of course the title of champion of France”, announced the presenters.

The top scorer in PSG history confirmed Friday in a nearly four-minute video that he would leave this summer. “I will play my last match at the Parc des Princes on Sunday”did he declare. “I needed a new challenge after seven years.”

If he has not revealed his destination, barring any twists and turns it should be Real Madrid.

“I understand his decision”

The club considers that the announcement is a non-event and has been preparing for the post-Mbappé era for many months, since it was notified of its decision in February. For the general public the information, widely relayed in the media, is not new either.

“I understand his decision,” it’s necessary “may it end in the best way for all parties”declared his trainer Luis Enrique, ensuring that the “PSG would be stronger next season”. Because, he believes, the departure of Mbappé, announced long ago, “does not change anything in the general picture”.

This last season was mixed, because of the false suspense over his departure and his mediocre performances in the Champions League, notably during the elimination in the semi-finals against Dortmund on Tuesday evening at the Parc des Princes (Wednesday morning in Caledonia ).

Meanwhile in Madrid, the fans seem ready to fall for their future recruit. While Real celebrated its La Liga title on Sunday, the city’s mayor Luis Martinez-Almeria sparked laughter in a sequence widely reported by the Spanish media: “I want to thank President Florentino Perez for all the sporting work done, the new Santiago-Bernabéu… and then I heard the children here say to him ‘Mbappé, Mbappé, Mbappé’, and the children always tell the truth”.



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