Tribute to Roland Jouanin, servant of God and of football, may the Nièvre resistance fighters be not forgotten… Your contributions of the week

Tribute to Roland Jouanin, servant of God and of football, may the Nièvre resistance fighters be not forgotten… Your contributions of the week
Tribute to Roland Jouanin, servant of God and of football, may the Nièvre resistance fighters be not forgotten… Your contributions of the week

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God, the poor and football…

“When he appeared in the teachers’ room at the Adam-Billaut college in Nevers, the smell of plaster and fresh paint disappeared instantly, carried away by the smell of corn paper cigarettes that one could easily imagine stuck to his fingers.”

“He wore an unadorned gray jacket, dark pants, a dull shirt, Spartan shoes. Not enough to excite a student, on the other hand his look, both laughing and imbued with conviction, caught my attention. We could not distinguish the halo above her already thinning black hair, however…”

“What are you selling?”, they asked him. It was the eternal joke that a young, beginning teacher had to endure.”

“Espouarre,” he replied, dragging on the last syllable, immediately betraying his inimitable Morvan accent.

Sacred revelations

“The conversation then took an unpredictable detour when he confided to me, swollen with pride, that he was keeping the goals for Saint-Péreuse. What a revelation! I had nothing better in store. Barely recovered from this admission, he I learned that he would be chaplain at the college I was close to kneeling…”

“Thus was born an unfailing complicity, nourished for fifty years according to the wishes of existence, cemented by two national causes. The first touched our memory. Thus we were obliged to list the composition of the French team which had finished third in the World Cup… 1958 in Sweden The second, more mysterious, constantly brought us back to the Chiffon rouge whose words this priest ended up sending me.

“And then comes the illness.”

All your contributions

“In this month of February 2023, then a recluse in Prémery, the memory test made him forget two names in the list of eleven without me attaching much importance to it. But the one from April revealed my concern, he had not , on the contrary, was able to cite only two names, Kopa and Fontaine, vaguely evoking a third whom he had considered old (Roger Marce)”.

“The cell phone slips from my fingers. No ‘espouar’!”

“A little closer to heaven”

“It is then my duty to pay tribute to him through a story (barely watered down) evoking an afternoon in June during a teacher-student match at the legendary Stévenot stadium during which he offered his body and blood to keep his cage… virgin The students, not holding grudges, carried our guardian angel on their shoulders, thus bringing him a little closer to heaven!”

“Finally, how can we forget these meals at the Pont Saint-Ours with its ‘apostles’, servants of football, named Minier, Capy, Billoué, Chemani, Saouli, M’Boup, Marchand, Marceau, Thavot, Gaudry, France, Grégoris, Martin and Parmentier the master of ceremonies.

“I remember that the last time(s), he talked about supper…”

“As Mr Dantheny said: there are those who serve football and those who use it”.

“Roland Jouanin served God, the poor and football… In disorder!”

Alain Viard

Tribute to the Resistance throughout Nièvre

“The tribute to the Resistance in the Morvan, whose story is told at the Saint-Brisson museum, is a remarkable initiative so that the memory is perpetuated and our young people no longer have the impression that we live in a Peaceful Europe, far from all the dangers coming from outside our borders.

“Nevertheless, it is regrettable that this story is partially truncated: yes, the resistance fighters of Morvan and the Morvan population paid dearly for their acts of bravery, but unfortunately, and this, for a very long time, the maquis of the Center Nivernais (of the Loire to the borders of the Parc du Morvan), not classified ‘Maquis du Morvan’ […]are totally forgotten, while their actions, their numbers, their numbers were as important, if not more, than those of the Morvan.

premium Meet the history of the Resistance in Morvan

“Let us remember, among others, the battle of Moussy-Forcy-Crux-la-Ville which opposed in mid-August 1944, the maquis Mariaux, Julien, Louis, and many others who came as reinforcements, to around 4,500 Germans, to their artillery, to their air forces, a battle recognized by some historians as the third in importance, after those of Glières and Vercors Despite this, no one talks about it…!”

premium The unknown woman of Bourras, or the story of the last hours of a young Nivernaise who died for France in 1944 and soon celebrated

“Another example: Madame la Baronne de Terline, from Pougues-les-Eaux, was an essential element in the organization of the maquis of Cher and Nièvre, at the risk of her life. Who knows her? And it is not not the ‘failed’ inauguration of an alley in his name in Nevers, which improved knowledge of his actions since his past as a resistance fighter is not even mentioned on the street sign… Only his date of birth appears! and his date of death…!

“On the occasion of the 80th anniversaries which are being organized throughout France, it would be timely and intelligent for historians to look into the life of these maquis, of these resistance fighters, resistance fighters, unknown people of the general public. There is something to write home about! It would only do them justice.”

Yves Bertin

Poetry corner

Little lily of the valley, are you there?

“The beautiful month of May

Start to shine again

The golden star appears

Lighting up the days with its fire

Yet, safe in the woods

A little flower nestles

Fragile and so beautiful at the same time

She captivates us with her scents

All white, making its bells dance

However, she would dream of being much more discreet

To no longer seduce these walkers

Came expressly for its picking

But when your name is lily of the valley

We don’t choose our destiny

We must then accept

To become a splendid bouquet!”

Floriane Ballige

Photo of the week

Photo Pascal Balourdet

“For some time now, the fields of crops in our beautiful department have been covered in yellow. Before the yellow of the sunflowers, comes the yellow of the rapeseed fields. Throughout the day, the scent of these spring crops brings us a moment of freshness. Some will say that it smells bad, others will not… In any case, I love this scent that nature gives us!”

Text and photo Pascal Balourdet

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