RTL Infos – BGL Ligue, 28th day: The F91 prevents the coronation from a distance from Differdange

RTL Infos – BGL Ligue, 28th day: The F91 prevents the coronation from a distance from Differdange
RTL Infos – BGL Ligue, 28th day: The F91 prevents the coronation from a distance from Differdange

There is no question of giving up for Dudelange, winner two goals to one from Rosport and still a candidate for the coronation.

The Dudelangeois had pretended to no longer believe it when they left three points to Oberkorn, two against Jeunesse then three more to Hesperange. It was a bit much for a team contending for the coronation. And yet, the F91 has the ability to land on its feet like a cat in an awkward posture. The state of mind displayed by the F91 since the start of the season is exemplary. Annoyed at being considered a simple outsider, the club relied on this unpopular rating to show week after week that it had the build of a potential champion.

Like this Sunday when he managed to emerge from a balanced meeting at Rosport where it is never easy to come out on top. Dudelange knows something about this, he who had to lay down his arms last season while Swift won in Wiltz and celebrated his first title.

The scenario could have repeated itself this Sunday with tense exchanges, strong moments and other weaker ones on both sides. Jostled during part of a first act which he had started on the right end with a big opportunity for Herman Moussaki, the F91 saw the Rouge et Blanc du Camping become emboldened, often on the verge of offside. Ernesto Jimenez, Eric Brandenburger and Davis Spruds could have broken the opposition’s barrier but it was ultimately this devil in Samir Hadji who dampened the local atmosphere. The serial goalscorer from Dudelange scored a double one-two with Moussaki to deceive Niklas Bürger as the break approached and put his team in front.

Moussaki responds to Brandenburger

There was no question of releasing the pressure for the visitors who knew that a victory in Rosport would undoubtedly require a second goal. Moussaki had the opportunity to take the break twice, but he did not follow through with his ideas. So, as is often the case in these cases, it is the opponent who strikes. Eric Brandenburger arrived full force in the penalty area to push a tense cross from Yanick Kissi into the back of Enzo Esposito’s net (1-1, 70e).

Everything had to be done again for the Dudelangeois hit by a local team who wanted the three points to pin a big name in the competition on their hunt.

The play fell the other way when Kino Delorge crossed for Hadji. The header of the first scorer of the day for Moussaki was clear and unstoppable. Dudelange took the three points on the gong and temporarily came back to four points behind Differdange before the derby this Monday evening in Niederkorn.

“Team cohesion paid off today. We were strong until the end,” testified Ismaël Sidibé. The Dudelange defender showed his advantage this Sunday. “Rosport is not giving up. It’s a bit of revenge compared to the championship and the cup last season. It will be a little hot for the title but we will believe in it until the end.”


  • Beaten by Strassen (0-2), Schifflange can at best hope to play a support match at the end of the season, but the trend is clearly towards a direct descent
  • The draw between Wiltz and Mondorf (2-2) further benefits the spa town club practically out of the woods
  • The derby between Niederkorn and Differdange 03 will close this 28e day this Monday at 8 p.m. He can crown the Reds in the event of victory
  • Fola won its last chance match against Käerjéng ​​(1-0) and still gives itself reason to believe in maintaining


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