Slimane at the foot of the podium, a non-binary artist wins the competition for the first time

Slimane at the foot of the podium, a non-binary artist wins the competition for the first time
Slimane at the foot of the podium, a non-binary artist wins the competition for the first time

18:28 – Best French audience for the competition since 2009

A peak of 7.62 million viewers was reached during Slimane’s visit. This is the best audience for Eurovision since 2009.

18:01 – ABBA has made its comeback

The group won Eurovision in 1974. 50 years later, the group made its comeback… in holograms.

17:43 – “There will have been a before and an after in my life,” says Slimane

The singer, moved, confided after his victory that he was “proud of me, of us”, and “very moved” to have “sung in (his) language”. “I think there will be a before and an after in my life. Not as an artist, but as a man,” he assured. “For our children, for my daughter, for everyone… I want to believe in that, that when you believe in it, that you do things with your heart, it works,” he confided.

17:22 – Which countries did France vote for?

The public awarded 12 points to the Israeli Eden Golan, 10 points to Armenia and the Lille group Ladaniva, and 8 points to Ukraine. The professional jury awarded 12 points to Portugal, followed by Ukraine with 10 points and Germany with 8 points.

15:59 – Who is Nemo, the big winner?

The Swiss singer is 24 years old. “I broke the codes,” he said after winning Eurovision. The artist is non-binary. He has been performing in musicals since he was a child. He also plays the violin, drums and piano. His name, Nemo, means “person” in Latin. “My parents thought that if I was no one, I could be anything,” he explained in 2018. “I don’t identify as male or female. I’m just Nemo. I like to think of gender as a galaxy. I imagine myself as a little star, floating somewhere inside. That’s how I feel most like myself,” he detailed.

14:46 – 0 points for the United Kingdom

Former Years and Years frontman and comedian Olly Alexander got zero points from the audience. On the other hand, the juries ranked him 13th. He finished 18th in the general classification.

12:36 – Non-binarity highlighted

Nemo is the first non-binary person to win Eurovision. “I hope this competition can continue to encourage peace and dignity for everyone,” he said. Bambie Thug, from Ireland and also a non-binary artist, will have finished in sixth place.

12:10 – The bookmakers were wrong

They estimated the chances of victory for Baby Lasagna, the Croatian, at 52%. He ultimately finished in second place. Nemo, the Swiss, had only a 15% chance of winning, according to specialists. However, he won Eurovision.

11:10 – 15 out of 25 countries awarded maximum points to Israel

More than half of countries gave Israel 12 points, the maximum number. But after the jury votes, the Israeli Eden Golan only obtained 52 points. She finished in 12th place.

10:18 – A broken trophy

The winner of the competition put down the trophy, also called the “crystal microphone”, too violently. It broke into several pieces.



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