“I want to see God”

“I want to see God”
“I want to see God”

From Aymeric Pourbaix in Catholic France:

Why are you looking at Heaven? » This is a paradoxical question, that of the angel after the Ascension of Jesus: what else did Christ do during the 33 years of his earthly life, if not exhort his contemporaries, and ourselves following them, to raise our gaze towards the heavenly Homeland, towards the Eternal Father?

Of course, the venerable commentators will say that while awaiting the return of Christ in glory, this is an invitation to look at reality as it is, not to live in illusion. And in fact, the demand for truth has never been as great as today, at a time when the means of communication are multiplied, to the point of detaching us from the truth of relationships, people and ideas. . ” The truthsaid Saint Thomas Aquinas, is the adequacy of intelligence to reality. » We are far from it, when political and media discourses make the victim an executioner, the aggressor an attacked… To the point that now, an effort is required to “see what you see”as Charles Péguy pointed out.

But this asceticism necessary to avoid living in abstract ideas, without anchoring in reality, must not bog us down in a dead-end materialism, without this elevation towards the heights where the soul can hope to quench its thirst for beauty, good and true.

Thirst of younger generations

Following Péguy, there will be nearly 18,000 people heading towards Chartres Cathedral on Pentecost weekend, responding to a pressing call, that of the theme of this pilgrimage: “I want to see God!” » And it is not insignificant that in this long cohort, the average age is barely over 20 years old. Because what attracts them above all – and which we will explore in more detail in our edition next week – is precisely this quest for truth, but for the whole truth, which is not reduced to visible things. That which resides in Him who said: “I am the way, the truth and the life. »

“I want to see God”it is first of all the cry of Saint Teresa of Avila as a child, who explains to her parents that she wants to go and convert the Moors, even if it means dying a martyr: “I would like to dieshe writes, to enjoy the great goods of Heaven. » But this desire to see God is also for her that of the mystical union, of the spiritual marriage of her soul with God, from this earth! This cry of “I want to see God”it is therefore the expression of an unquenchable thirst present in everyone, whether we are conscious of it or not.

The good news is that this thirst is coming back into the open among the younger generations, after decades where it was disguised under the deceptive trappings of unbridled sexuality, crazy money and the intoxication of limitless freedom.

But it is not enough to “denude thirst”, as Gustave Thibon urged. It is still necessary to direct it towards the only true outcome, which is after death: this “endless joy of a soul irradiated with light and love” which Father Gaston Courtois spoke about at the end of his life. There where “there will be no more tears, nor suffering, nor ignorance, nor misunderstanding, nor jealousy, nor contempt, nor pettiness, but filial thanksgiving towards the Holy Trinity”. And this great educator added: it is this thought of Heaven, after death, which constitutes “the best touchstone of reality”.

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