Gilles Bellaïche. Blood money

Gilles Bellaïche. Blood money
Gilles Bellaïche. Blood money

When we look closely at the geopolitical situation surrounding the Israeli-Arab conflict in Gaza, we realize that Western leaders are playing a strange game; in fact, they all declared the day after October 7 that Israel had the right to defend itself, including by using force since it was the Palestinian Arabs of Hamas who had declared war on them, committing a pogrom of a rare barbarity; we therefore understand that it was a war of self-defense and that it was understandable to destroy once and for all the military and political infrastructures of Hamas, an organization that these same leaders consider to be terrorist; incidentally, this would certainly bring a better life to the more than 2 million Gazans living under the yoke of Hamas, although the problem of the “innocence” of the civilian population of Gaza has already been dealt with elsewhere (1) .

Now and after 7 months of war including 3 of an effective break in the fighting, the tone has completely changed; while there remains only one Hamas bastion to reduce in Rafah in order to put the last 4 battalions and the general staff out of harm’s way, as well as to hope to still be able to save hostages, we hear from numerous chancelleries Western: French, EU, American, and of course the UN, even the WHO, cry foul and threaten Israel in the event that it enters Rafah to end this war, and allow its population to south to return home safely, as well as that of Gaza itself.

Why these terrible cries?

Well, all these beautiful souls explain to us that an Israeli intervention in Rafah would lead to a Palestinian bloodbath, while everyone hypocritically knows that at the risk of the lives of its own soldiers, the IDF is taking the greatest precautions to avoid and limit civilian losses, inevitable in any armed conflict, and even more so when the other belligerent “courageously” does everything possible to hide behind its civilian population, and thus “make the West cry”.

I understand a priori the humanist concerns of all these beautiful souls, but the barbaric pogrom of October 7 is apparently already far away in people’s minds; worse still, the noisy Western supporters of the Palestinian Arabs and therefore of Hamas, in an uninhibited anti-Semitic impulse, explain that there will be 10, 100, 1000 “October 7s” to come.

And the Israelis also know it very well; if they do not return to Rafah and Hamas is not eliminated militarily and politically from Gaza, then everything will soon start again; all the eradicating enemies of Israel, and first and foremost Iran and its proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, will have won this war, and will be reinforced in their certainty of being able to erase Israel from the world map next time; Israel will then have lost its deterrence capacity (already partly begun), and there will effectively be 10, 100, 1000 “October 7s” which will happen again.

So the equation is simple for Israel: eradicate Today Hamas with unfortunately the inevitable “collateral” damage, to avoid the deaths of tomorrow by tens of thousands (on both sides, in fact!).

But this is not the calculation of Western leaders, who prefer to avoid the deaths of Palestinian Arabs today by ignoring the Israeli deaths of tomorrow.

It then becomes legitimate to ask the following question: is Arab blood worth more than Jewish blood? A priori the answer is yes for Western leaders, even though the Arabs themselves, nursed in the often deadly Muslim culture, do not fear shedding their own blood!!

I therefore leave it to everyone to wonder about the deeper reasons to which this conclusion leads…

In passing, let us note that Europeans, very worried about the customary violent outbursts in their Arab streets, (Cf. the riots of June 2023 in France coming from the Islamized suburbs), prefer to buy social peace and therefore no bloodshed at home. , on the back of the blood of Israelis; in this sense they defend their national interests; but Israel would not have the right to defend its national interests!! For what ? It would also be interesting to answer in depth this question which has been left without a detailed answer for a long time.


ISRAEL IS FOREVER/Morechet Jacques KUPFER – Toulouse



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