Trélissac took a lesson

Trélissac took a lesson
Trélissac took a lesson

Already relegated and having nothing left to play for unlike their Vendée hosts, the Trélissacois did not weigh very heavily against co-leader Yonnais on Saturday May 11. After a good first period, they collapsed in the second.

Despite being well placed at the start of the game, the Trélissacois left few solutions for the players of La Roche-sur-Yon. The visitors were only put in danger by a recovery from Boissy (20th). From then on, a little more pressing, the Vendéens found the opening through Ndiaye who deceived Navaux with a shot flush with the upright (34th).

The advantage was short-lived. On a counter started on the left side, Diakité escaped Marie before finding Romil who victoriously beat Ahamada (38th). The Trélissacois, however, gave in in less than five minutes after returning from the locker room. A first time, like a feeling of déjà vu, on a corner from Buaillon and this recovery of the German header (50th), before, on a cross from the same Buaillon, Navaux diverted towards his own defender Hamel to a first csc (54th).

More enterprising, the Trélissacois offered spaces on the counterattacks. The Vendéens took advantage of it. On a cross from Keita, Hamdi, in a hurry, scored in his own right (82nd), before Vrignon adjusted Navaux (86th).

La Roche-sur-Yon 5 – Trélissac 1

Place La Roche-sur-Yon (Henri-Desgrange stadium). Arbitrator Mr. Llewellyn. Half time 1-1.
Goals Ndiaye (34th), German (50th), Hamel (54th csc), Hamdi (82nd csc), Vrignon (86th) for La Roche-sur-Yon; Romil (38th) for Bergerac.
Warnings Keita (80th) in La Roche-sur-Yon; Ngoumou (35th), Aka (46th) in Trélissac.
THE ROCK ON YON Ahamada – Esmel (Jacob, 85th), Marie, Allemand, Buaillon – Odru, Butrot, Ndiaye (Vrignon, 70th), Dabin (Palhares, 79th) – Keita, Boissy (Far, 70th).
TRÉLISSAC Naval – Ngoumou, Hamdi, Leriche, Hamel – Gnaleko (Grain, 59th), Nkulu (Michau, 69th), Bisson, Aka (Chabassier, 76th) – Romil (Pothier, 69th), Diakité.

The reaction

Hervé Loubat (trainer of Trélissac). “The defeat is completely logical. We had a good first period, matching La Roche. We warn that there will be more intensity on their part when we restart, but we still conceded two goals in five minutes and, from there, we gave up. I would have liked the players to last ninety minutes. We lacked mental aggressiveness, which amplified the difference in level between the two teams. We could have taken more. »



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