Football: in National 2, the useless victory of Alès which is officially relegated

Football: in National 2, the useless victory of Alès which is officially relegated
Football: in National 2, the useless victory of Alès which is officially relegated

Waking up was too late. Despite the fourth victory in a row won on Saturday in front of the Toulouse reserve (2-1), for the 25th day of National 2, the descent of the OAC was recorded.

Olympique d’Alès in Cévennes recorded a fourth consecutive victory on Saturday May 11 at the expense of the TFC reserve. But this seventh success of the season was useless. Relegation to National 3 is now mathematically effective since Saint-Raphaël/Fréjus won 4-1 in front of Chamalières. With five points behind the ninth, one day from the end now, it’s over for the Cévenols.

An exciting start

Everything gets carried away from the start. On a Toulouse offensive, the Alesian rearguard is outpaced and Kamaté just has to finish (0-1, 3rd). The Gardois were quick to react. After a foul on Franco in the area, Balmy converts the penalty (1-1, 8th). Excited by this rapid return, the Cévenols try to drive the point home, while remaining at the mercy of the Toulouse residents, like this powerful shot from Messali, well deflected by Moreau (11th).


Alès – Toulouse II: 2-1.
Pierre Pibarot Stadium.
Half time: 2-1.
Referee: Miss Rochebilière.
Goals for Alès: Balmy (8th sp), Baana Jaba (45th + 1).
Goal for Toulouse: Kamate (4th).
Warnings in Alès: Djabou (42nd), Correa (53rd).
Warnings in Toulouse: Ntamack (14th), Wasbauer (24th), Pujos (79th), Beliandjou (81st).
ALES: Moreau – Duponchelle, Iafrate (Peyrard 73rd), Nadifi, Djabou (cap) – Franco, Dabo, Correa (Ben Nasr 86th) – Baana Jaba (Kich 86th), Abelinti (Diaby 73rd), Balmy (Baptiste 73rd).
TOULOUSE: Delebarre – Messali, Wasbauer, Zodehougan (cap), Ngako Ngaha – Pujos, Watel, Ntamack (Garondo 70th) – Kébé, Kamaté (Dansoko 81st), Pérez (Beliandjou 13th).

Too much rush and waste

The Alésiens put a lot of rhythm in their game but lack lucidity in front of goal, like Balmy (20th) and Abelinti (26th). Too much haste and too much waste did not allow Malek’s men to get away. They are even surprised by Beliandjou, who misses his recovery, alone in front of goal (39th).

Experiencing difficulty breaking through a reinforced defense, the OAC nevertheless managed to find the flaw. A cross from Franco is taken by Baana Jaba, who takes advantage of the inexperience of the young Toulouse goalkeeper to give his team the advantage (2-1, 45th + 1).

A second period which gets bogged down

The Alésiens will expend a lot of energy in the second half, but will not be successful in their attempts. The game gradually gets bogged down and neither team manages to change the score.

The announced victory of Saint-Raphaël/Fréjus dampens the mood. The success of the Cévenols, who gave up nothing, will not prevent them from joining the lower level. “A very late victory, like our season”according to Alesian coach Hakim Malek.



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