Who is the girlfriend of ex-tennis star Maria Dowlatshahi?

Who is the girlfriend of ex-tennis star Maria Dowlatshahi?
Who is the girlfriend of ex-tennis star Maria Dowlatshahi?

3. 16. 9. 5. What are these numbers? They all concern the life and career of a certain Henri Leconte. Three is the number of his marriages. Sixteen is the number of years of career in tennis. Nine is the number of titles he was able to win. And finally, the five corresponds to his best ATP ranking. So many points that we will develop here.

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A busy love life

And we start in 1984, in Neuilly-sur-Seine. In December, Henri Leconte married for the first time. And not with just anyone since his first wife is none other than Brigitte Bonnel, the ex-wife of another champion, Guy Drut. Together, they had a son, Maxime, born March 6, 1986. In 1995, it was his second marriage. This time, the lucky one is Marie Sara Bourseiller, a French bullfighter. They will have a daughter the following year, Sara-Luna. And finally, his third union will be celebrated in 2005. His wife is then Florentine Delchambre, a former model. From the fruit of their love two children were born: Ulysse, in 2005, and Marylou, in 2007. They remained married for ten years, before separating in November 2015. In GalaFlorentine Delchambre will express her regrets: “Henri left me for someone else. It’s the collapse of a dream, as far as I’m concerned, I experience our breakup as an acknowledgment of failure as I saw us growing old together”.

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Today, the former French tennis player has not remarried, but he seems to be living a beautiful love story with a certain Maria Dowlatshahi, since 2015 and his separation from his ex-wife. Who is Maria Dowlatshahi? We know that she was born in 1963 and that she is jewelry and accessories designer. In 2011, she launched her brand, Fusion by M. But that’s not all since she is also hypnotherapist. At the same time, her union with Henri Leconte allowed her to work in the couple’s company HL&Co. In this company, whose site has no longer been active since 2023, Henri Leconte offers conferences for groups or companies in which he discusses “surpassing yourself, performance, managing your emotions, how to bounce back after failure”. For her part, the sixty-year-old would rather take care of the “well-being” part.

They are together all the time

The two lovers appear together a few times, notably at Roland-Garros, but they remain very discreet about their relationship. Statements about their relationship are extremely rare in the media. To find out more about them, you have to go to the Instagram account of the former athlete, who is very active on this social network. So, we can see that his partner follows him everywhere and that they pose together everywhere : at the inauguration of a tennis court in the name of Henri Leconte, at a filming for “Open kitchen” on France 3, for New Year’s Eve or even during a signing session. Important detail: Henri Leconte seems to call his partner “Maya”, as evidenced by their company website and the numerous quotes on Instagram.

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Let’s now return to the career of Henri Leconte. He was professional from 1980 to 1996, a period during which he was one of the best French. He thus won nine titles in Stockholm, Stuttgart, Nice, Sydney, Geneva, Hamburg, Brussels and Halle. It should also be noted that he was a very good doubles player, with ten titles, alongside Yannick Noah and Guy Forget. He also played a final at Roland Garros in 1988, losing to Mats Wilander. These different paths led him to fifth place in the world – his record – in 1986.

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