what are the prices of gasoline and diesel this Sunday in France?

what are the prices of gasoline and diesel this Sunday in France?
what are the prices of gasoline and diesel this Sunday in France?

At the end of the long weekend of the climb, fuel prices seem stable. After increasing sharply last month, gasoline and diesel are returning to much lower levels, good news for motorists.

For this Sunday, May 12, unleaded 98 is displayed, by the specialized site Carburants.org, at an average price of 1.982 euros per liter. It thus remains below the symbolic threshold of 2 euros (level exceeded last month).

Still according to the same Source, unleaded 95 is sold at an average price of 1.912 euros per liter. Here too, the price observed is lower than that recorded during the month of April, at the same period. As for E10 and E85, the prices displayed this Sunday are respectively 1.898 and 0.89 euros per liter.

Concerning diesel, it remains below the threshold of 1.75 euros per liter for this weekend. This Sunday, diesel is offered at 1.74 euros per liter on average, according to the website Carburants.org, a drop of almost five euro cents compared to the price recorded at the beginning of May. Compared to last month, the drop is even more significant, amounting to almost 8 euro cents.

The stations that offer the best fuel prices

Concerning the lowest prices in France, for the SP98, it is the Carrefour Market – Épouville station (76133) which offers the best national price on this day of Sunday May 12, i.e. 1.933 euros per liter. As for diesel, the cheapest price is 1.649 euros per liter, and it is offered by the Carrefour Market – Chauffailles stations (71170).

For SP85 and E10, the best prices nationally are offered by the Intermarché – Vaux-Sur-Mer station (17640), the latter are respectively 1.853 and 1.808 euros per liter.

If the prices of gasoline and diesel are stabilizing in France, it is largely thanks to the price of black gold. Because after reaching record levels last month, oil prices have declined significantly since then. Despite a slight rebound noted in the middle of the week, prices quickly returned to the levels of the beginning of May.

This Sunday, a barrel of Brent from the North Sea sold at $82.78. As for the barrel of West Texas Intermediate (WTI), it remains rather close to the threshold of 80 dollars, standing at 78.20 dollars per barrel.



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