[Eurovision] The Italian Angelina Mango is not bored

[Eurovision] The Italian Angelina Mango is not bored
[Eurovision] The Italian Angelina Mango is not bored

She is one of the stars of Eurovision, and among the favorites for final victory: after Italy, Angelina Mango wants to conquer the world. The only certainty: with her, you never get bored.

In the heart of the Clarion Hotel which houses several delegations, you have to show your credentials and pass through various checkpoints to reach Angelina Mango, surrounded by her guard. The young woman, 23 years old, is a phenomenon. A few facts bear witness to this: gold and platinum records, a sold-out tour and hit songs including the last one, The drowning (Boredom), which exceeds 60 million views on Spotify – the same one that allowed him to win the Sanremo festival in February and get his ticket to Eurovision.

If the singer-songwriter has a past (she is the daughter of singer Giuseppe Mango, who died on stage in 2014 at the age of 60), she seeks above all to build a future with her lively hits mixing pop, rap and R’n’B, in which she talks about the expectations and anxieties of the generation Z that she represents. Gently and in her slightly hoarse voice, she confides in Daily. Encounter.

How do you feel before Saturday’s final?

Angelina Mango: Honestly, at the moment, I don’t feel the stress or the fear. I’m just tired of waiting. I want to go on stage to sing and dance. That’s all.

What does Eurovision mean to you?

It is first and foremost a surprise, something unexpected that has reached me. Eurovision is a hell of a thing! I am torn between the desire to have fun, and the desire to be serious because such an opportunity cannot be taken lightly. Thanks to my presence here, my music can indeed travel, cross borders. This is something that cannot be neglected, especially when you are at the very beginning of a career. I want to learn from this event.

How is the competition seen in Italy?

As for other nations, Eurovision is something that is gaining importance in Italy, especially among younger people, who are increasingly interested. I feel behind me the support of an entire country, and an entire audience.

Has Måneskin’s victory in 2021 given more credibility to Eurovision in your country, where the Sanremo festival remains the biggest musical event of the year?

(She is hesitating) I don’t know, but it’s possible. Let’s say that as a representative of the new generation, it is up to us whether or not we can change things. We are the future. It’s up to us to write it.

I have spent my life living up to other people’s expectations. From now on, I want to exist through mine

But Sanremo remains a difficult institution to debunk…

It’s true. In Italy, Sanremo is like Christmas: people hope for it, as impatient as a child waiting to open his presents (she laughs). It’s a great tradition. Not just a competition, but a celebration of music. Better: it is the mirror of what Italy is at its most modern and most conventional.

Speaking of which, tell us about your Sanremo this year…

It was a surprise, in every way. We must not forget that I am new to singing, to the profession, so being in Sanremo was very impressive. When I embarked on this experience, I knew that I had to approach it positively, without putting pressure on myself. When I won, I couldn’t believe it. It was crazy! I think my serenity served me well at that moment.

Your song, The drowning, is a hymn to boredom. Can you tell us more?

People see boredom as a negative thing. With this song, I wanted to change my point of view. Today, in this world where everything goes very quickly, we no longer have the opportunity to be bored. Everything is within reach to pass the time. So taking a break and doing nothing feels good!

Is this your case?

You know, I’m an Aries. We are the type to go for it, to never stand still. So, I try to give myself ten minutes of break every day, to focus on myself. We no longer take the time to sit down to think or simply to breathe. However, it is essential. We forget it too easily.

Did you have the opportunity to breathe during this Eurovision?

(She laughs) I try, but it’s not easy. So, I get up early to have a little time, just for myself. Thanks to that, I am focused, better concentrated on this event during which we are constantly in demand. I don’t want to miss anything or forget anything.

Is there really nothing that bothers you in life?

Let’s say that people who keep talking only about themselves, after a while, yes, it bores me. This may be my case!

The drowning uses Latin rhythms, particularly cumbia. Is this a way to be fashionable?

More of a way to be consistent with the concept and message of the song. In Colombia, cumbia is an outlet, something we listen to to escape from harsh realities, to escape. That’s the idea I’m trying to convey with this piece. And then I like the principle which says that music has no borders, no limits. That she can take us on the dance floor, from Bogota to Mexico!

And as far as Luxembourg, where there is a large Italian community?

Why not. I should come and take a look.

In Italy, when we talk about you, we also think of your father. What is his legacy?

When I think of my father, I see more what he left me as a person, and less musically. It’s more important to feel the presence and influence of my parents in who I am, as a person, and not in what I do.

The Sanremo festival is the mirror of what Italy is

You have experience and success in Italy. Will this allow you to make the difference on Saturday?

No, i dont think so. In my eyes, fundamentally, we are all in the same place, in the same place, doing the same thing. In my opinion, we are on the same starting line, whether we have three people listening to you or three million. Because the most important thing in Eurovision is the message you intend to send, not a final ranking.

Have you seen what other countries are offering and what do you think?

Yes of course. Not all but most. During presentations or rehearsals, we have the opportunity to see and hear what the other artists are doing. We meet, we talk, we exchange… What I find good is that all the countries keep a part of tradition in their proposal. For example, I saw instruments that I didn’t know about until now. I said to myself “what the hell is that?” “. I might be really inspired when I return to Italy!

What are your expectations for the final?

Honestly, I don’t really have any expectations. I’m the type who likes to let myself be carried away… Yes, in fact, I have one: give everything so as not to have regrets when I get off stage. On Saturday, I want to show the image of a twenty-year-old young woman having fun, free, without filter, without mask. Honestly. If I succeed, it will be my victory.

Doesn’t being one of the favorites for Eurovision force you to have certain ambitions?

I have spent my life living up to other people’s expectations. From now on, I want to exist through mine. The opinion of bookmakers, or the love that people have for me, yes, it’s positive, but above all they allow me to gain confidence to move forward according to my own rules.



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