My gardening hack protects tender flowers during a cold snap

My gardening hack protects tender flowers during a cold snap
My gardening hack protects tender flowers during a cold snap

A HORTICULTURIST has given her tried-and-true advice for growing plants.

She said her Dollar Tree purchase keeps her garden safe from cold snaps.

A gardening fan shared her advice for keeping her plants healthy during a cold snapCredit: Getty

Rebecca (@happyheartgardens) detailed the hack in a viral Reel on Instagram.

She recommended the tip for protecting plants when cold hits unexpectedly.

The gardener used an inexpensive hack that can be done in seconds.

“Here’s one of my favorite hacks for protecting tender flowers during a cold snap,” she said.


First, she filmed her garden, which was complete with some delicate floral plants.

She demonstrated the hack with nasturtiums — an edible flower.

After learning of a cold snap on the way, she took matters into her own hands.

“I was able to cover it up with one of these mesh baskets from the Dollar Tree,” she said.

After placing the inexpensive cover over the nasturtiums, her work wasn’t done.

She placed a grow bag on top of the basket, securing it in place with landscape pines.

She attested to the effectiveness of her technique in the caption.

“This garden hack with a mesh basket and grow bag has saved many plants for me,” she said.


Several Instagram users weighed in on Rebecca’s horticulturist workaround.

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“Grow bags saved my baby avocados and dragon fruit this past winter from the hard freeze,” one wrote.

“I put mulch on top too since the times were dropping fast.

“I am considering buying the fabric and making tall ones for the larger tropicals that shouldn’t survive my winters.

“This idea was a game changer for my homestead.”

Easy gardening tips to save money, maximize space, and repel pests

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  1. Banana peels, vinegar, and coffee grounds are often recommended as natural fertilizers.
  2. Dollar Tree sells four packs of seeds for $1.25.
  3. Try a vertical planter like Amazon’s Mr. Stacky 5 Tier Stackable Planter, $35 to make more use of a small space.
  4. Use netting like the Garden Netting Pest Barrier, $8, from Amazon to keep away bugs that eat your vegetables.
  5. Try sacrificial planting to reduce the use of pesticides and keep pests away from your garden. Deliberately growing certain plants to attract agricultural pests can keep them away from the plants you want to protect. Examples include marigolds, lavender, catnip, and chives.
  6. For pesky weeds in your garden, the Grampa’s Weeder – The Original Stand-Up Weed Puller Tool with Long Handles, $45, from Amazon is a helpful tool you can use without having to bend over.

“I use these, too. $1.25 at the dollar store,” another gardening fan wrote.

“Just bought about 15 more. They work great.”

“This is such a great idea,” said a third. “The lengths we go to, to save the plants.”

She used a mesh basket from Dollar Tree before placing a bag over itCredit: Instagram/happyheartgardens


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