Serious accident near Lisieux: 1 year in prison for the drunk driver

Serious accident near Lisieux: 1 year in prison for the drunk driver
Serious accident near Lisieux: 1 year in prison for the drunk driver


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Published on May 11, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.

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The Audi A3 with five people on board rolled five times on October 1 around 8:30 a.m. near the Super U store inOuilly-le-Vicomte (Calvados).

Totally unknown to the justice system, the driver had fled before the arrival of the police “so as not to lose [son] permit ” . He appeared on Tuesday May 7, 2024 for unintentional injury, driving while intoxicated, failure to assist a person in danger, hit and run and excessive speed.

» All the lights were red! “, summed up the prosecutor, accusing the defendant of having shown himself to be “one could not be more cowardly” by abandoning his passengers on site. The latter will specify that he waited for help to arrive.

Leaving the disco

Sunday October 1, 2023, after leaving the Lisieux nightclub at 6 a.m., the 22 year old Lexovian and four young people aged 20 to 26 – all heavily intoxicated – jumped into his car for a ride. A trip of around two hours which will end suddenly around 8:30 a.m. near Lisieux.

Arriving from the Apple roundabout at high speed, the Audi first hits the right curb then the left before “flying away” – according to the expression used by one of the young people – and doing five barrels. The emergency services were alerted by a supermarket employee who was going to work.

120 days of ITT

If the driver of the vehicle escapes without the slightest injury, the same is not true for his passengers. Three of them will be taken to Lisieux hospital. The 20-year-old woman who was in the back of the vehicle was seriously injured. It will be sent by helicopter to the Caen University Hospital. Suffering from pelvic trauma and a hip fracture preventing her from relying on her lower limbs for at least 3 months, she was given a 120-day ITT.

The driver was no longer at the scene when the police arrived. He returned to his parents and found refuge in their cellar. After resting there, he went to the police station around 3 p.m. accompanied by his brother. During his hearing, as well as before the judges 7 months after the accident, he did not dispute the facts or try to evade them.

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“They all agreed”

Minimizing his responsibility will be the task of his lawyer:

» The five young people should be put in the same boat. They all agreed to drink a lot and get in the car. No one had a gun held to their head to force it. “

Me Marie-Pia Clausse, lawyer

The absence of complaint and civil constitution in this case is, for the lawyer, implicit proof that each of the passengers considers to have had their part in the accident.

He will have to reimburse the damages

The Lexovian, who faced 7 years in prison, is sentenced to 3 years in prison including 2 years suspended. A sentence that he will probably serve under an electronic bracelet.

He will have to reimburse the damage suffered by the supermarket, estimated at €2,292, and pay a fine of €135 for failure to transfer his car’s registration document. The court declares the cancellation of his license and does not set a deadline for taking the tests.

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