who is Joost Klein, the Dutch candidate excluded from the final after an “incident”?

who is Joost Klein, the Dutch candidate excluded from the final after an “incident”?
who is Joost Klein, the Dutch candidate excluded from the final after an “incident”?

Rapper Joost Klein, representing the Netherlands at Eurovision 2024, was excluded from the final after an “incident” unrelated to Israel’s controversial participation.

A few hours before the final of the Eurovision contest, his name is on everyone’s lips in Malmö: Joost Klein, the Dutch candidate, has been excluded, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) said this Saturday, May 11. had already suspended it the day before after an “incident” unrelated to Israel’s controversial participation.

“Swedish police have investigated a complaint made by a female member of the production team following an incident following her performance in Thursday evening’s semi-final,” the EBU said in a statement. .

“While the legal proceedings continue, it would not be appropriate for him to continue to participate in the competition,” said the organization, recalling that it applies “a zero tolerance policy with regard to inappropriate behavior.”

This decision, deemed “disproportionate” by the Dutch broadcaster Avrotros, is a first in the history of Eurovision: since the creation of the European song contest in 1956, no candidate has been excluded from a final.

“I have never been in politics”

Although the musical competition is apolitical, Joost Klein already stood out last Thursday by expressing his disagreement with being placed next to Israeli representative Eden Golan.

In particular, he had ostensibly covered his face with the Dutch flag on several occasions. His exclusion, however, has nothing to do with his attitude towards other delegations.

Joost Klein has also repeated it during his interviews: “I have never been in politics,” he said in the columns of 20 Minutes. “I’m just a comedian who makes music, but I like to add a deeper layer to my music.”

Born in 1997, Joost Klein is a well-known Dutch personality. This former YouTuber became known in 2008 under the pseudonym EenhoornJoost (“Unicorn Joost”).

Inspired by Crazy Frog

Returning to music, he has since released eight studio albums including two, Albino (2019) and M van Marketing (2018), entered the top 10 in the Netherlands. Scandinavian Boy, Watch music And Friesenjung are among his biggest hits.

Although he has made a name for himself in the hip hop scene, he mixes electro and drum and bass in his songs. Also inspired by Scatman John, Stromae and Crazy Frog (which he has tattooed on his arm), he discovered Eurovision in 2006. That year, the Finnish group Lordi triumphed with Hard Rock Hallelujah. A revelation:

“This moment made my jaw drop,” he declared to 20 Minutes. “I was watching it with my parents and I jokingly told them, ‘One day I’m going to be on that stage.’ And I did, damn it!”

On stage, Joost Klein is known for creating large crowd movements inspired by the “mosh”, derived from pogo and a brutal dance often practiced in punk and metal circles in the 1990s.

Tribute to his father

The death of his father in 2010 from cancer inspired him to Europapahis song for Eurovision 2024. “I lost my parents when I was younger,” he told 20 Minutes, before adding:

“I wanted to pay homage to the way my dad raised me. I made this song for the child inside of me, to show that you can keep going, even when everything sucks.”

The song, which also pays homage to the Shengen space, and was a huge success in the Netherlands, was criticized by some Eurofans, who considered it too humorous for the competition.

“It’s an iceberg of which people only see the tip. I don’t blame them but I invite them to look below the surface,” he defended himself before adding: “Humor is a perfect way to touch people’s hearts.”



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