Windows stuck on a black screen? Here’s what to do

Windows stuck on a black screen? Here’s what to do
Windows stuck on a black screen? Here’s what to do

When turning on your computer or using it, it may happen that although it is clear that it is turned on, the screen remains black. Here’s how to react…

Use the following key combination:

Ctrl-Alt-Del (or Ctrl-Alt-Del) is a combination that allows you to access a dialog box in case of abnormal behavior on your PC. Needless to say, now is the time to use it, especially if the black screen appeared while you were working. Potentially, take the opportunity, if the options menu appears, to click on “Task Manager” to immediately stop any software that could be at the root of the problem…

Restart the computer

Most often, a simple restart of the computer can resolve black screen issues. Although it is generally not recommended to close your computer “by force”, this is the kind of exceptional case where you can afford to do so. This is typically the first thing to do if your computer remains black at startup. If, however, after this first try, the problem persists, it may be a good idea to try other methods.

Check the cables and your monitor

If we often think about checking the power cable of our computer in this type of situation, we should also not forget that the cable connecting the computer to the monitor can also be the cause. To make sure, remember to plug and unplug your cables. Also consider testing another monitor, in case the problem is specific to the screen you are using. Also, if you are using two monitors, try unplugging one of them, you might be surprised…

Try turning on your computer in safe mode

Safe mode allows you to start Windows with minimal functions, which then allows you to find the origin of a bug. There are different methods for starting Safe Mode, depending on whether you are on Windows 10 or Windows 11, and depending on the state of your computer at the time you do this. You will find all the necessary information about this in this article. If you manage to turn on the computer in these conditions, that’s already quite reassuring, because it means that there is no hardware problem.

Consult a specialist

If none of the methods mentioned in this article work, then it is probably best to call a specialist. It is also better to do the same if the problem arises several times, in order to avoid aggravating an already existing problem.

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