Football: “We have two finals left”, Onet president Eric Luban speaks as his team plays big this Saturday evening

Football: “We have two finals left”, Onet president Eric Luban speaks as his team plays big this Saturday evening
Football: “We have two finals left”, Onet president Eric Luban speaks as his team plays big this Saturday evening

This Saturday evening (6 p.m.) against Castanet (3rd), Onet plays very big during the penultimate day of National 3. Interview with president Eric Luban.

President, with the last home match of the season approaching and two days remaining, what is the first assessment?

Classification (11th and first non-relegation, Editor’s note) is it. The results are, all the same, positive with a squad and a coach who work a lot in training. We try, with our little means, to fight.

Especially since a first satisfaction arrived last weekend, with the accession of the reserve team to R2?

Yes, it’s a great satisfaction. It has been a wish for quite a few years to bring the two groups together. Young people are also competitive at all levels. The U15s and U17s are in the Aveyron-Lozère cup final and in the championship race to move up to the regional level. It’s a good season with our 492 licensees all the same. We can’t take more. The best would be to go for a 3rd season in N3. It’s the club’s showcase, it lifts everyone up. And then for the staff and the players, they deserve it.

Tonight is the last home match, what are your thoughts?

I’m confident. It’s not complicated, we have two finals left.

This one is decisive against Castanet, because in the event of success combined with a setback for Bordeaux II you would almost be maintained…

It can be or not be either. For me, it will end on the last day like last season. We may have regrets about certain matches where we were not able to take the points we should have. We had a lack of experience. Despite everything, we take a little more every year.

What did you miss to have a “quiet” end to the season?

Three or four points. For example against the Bordeaux stadium where we must never lose. We are missing more positive results at home. It’s like that. At home, the players work and train four times a week. The N3 is a great experience. And it would be good to extend it. Especially since the Aquitaine side is another football. We see other clubs, it’s super interesting. It’s a life that we didn’t know about in that regard. This allowed us to discover new clubs, different football regions, and also to keep the group alive by often leaving the day before away matches.

Finally, is this maintenance harder than last season to get going?

Already, at the base, the authorities are reducing the number of teams, so the level has increased compared to last year. We are not at all ridiculous.

However, the group is much more extensive in quality and quantity than the previous one.

Yes it is certain. But we had finishing difficulties, in the details too. Some matches didn’t come down to anything at all.

Are you already preparing for the 2024-25 financial year?

We’re starting to take a look at the overall organization, the football school… The season ends early this year.

Do you have a plan A in the event of retention and a plan B in the event of relegation?

No, we are not yet discussing this with Yoan (Boscus, the coach).

Would a descent have consequences for the club?

Financially, it wouldn’t change anything since we have no federal contract. For the moment, we are focusing on the last two matches, we are not thinking about that. There is already meticulous work involved in supervising teams. For example, in reserve, next year, the coach must have the BE (Benoît Mochales, the current coach doesn’t have it). We are looking at how we are going to do it.

Yoan Boscus will be the coach next season, whatever happens, is it confirmed?

The club is happy to have Yoan as coach number 1 and for us, there is no question. Today, Yoan will be the coach of team one next year.

In our podcast “The Sports Guest”, on the subject of taking the DES diploma, Yoan Boscus replied that we had to ask the club, where are we?

What is certain is that we have an exemption for next year again. We talk about it, it takes time to implement everything. With us, but also with his employer because the DES is eight weeks in the year without counting all the work behind it. But yes, for everyone, it would be nice if they could access it.

If maintained in N3, the budget will be identical to the current one or could it be increased to give ourselves a little more ambition?

We cannot increase it. We’re not going to invent money we don’t have. Subsidies will not increase compared to what we currently have. The budget is around 260,000 euros.

Is it the most modest of the 154 N3 clubs?

This season, I don’t know if it’s the lowest, but we’re one of the smallest, that’s for sure. Most clubs have two or even three times ours, at least. Last season, we were definitely the smallest.



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