DIRECT. Eurovision 2024: “There is a lot of tension behind the scenes, it’s palpable”

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But what’s the point of singing the same song again as for the semi-final?

Ah but Eurovi is the very concept of the competition. It’s a competition of songs, not singers. Each participant comes with one song and one song only. They have no right to change it. And they don’t even have the right to touch the slightest detail of their performance since all the camera axes are calibrated to the millimeter. It’s obligatory because this evening 25 countries will be playing in a row, with only 40 seconds of break between each performance. Quite a technical feat, by the way.

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Hello, a candidate excluded a few hours before the competition, has this already happened?

Well, every Guiilaume needs a first time. Indeed, the exclusion of the Dutchman Joost Klein, less than 10 hours before the grand final this Saturday, is a first.

We have already seen countries excluded a few weeks before, such as Romania in 2016 which was unable to participate because national public television had debts to the organizer. But a country excluded because of the behavior of a candidate is unprecedented.

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Hello, what time is Slimane coming?

Juju, you have to turn on your television no later than 11 p.m. Slimane will sing “Mon Amour” in penultimate position. Before the disqualification of the Netherlands this afternoon, it was due to pass at 11:10 p.m. It will probably be a few minutes earlier. Let’s say 11:05 p.m. And for the final result and the announcement of the winning country, it won’t be before 1 a.m.! Don’t hesitate to make yourself a strong coffee before dinner to keep you going until the end!

May 10, 2024. Slimane during a rehearsal. (AFP photo)

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What exactly is going on with Israel’s candidate? Can she win?

Hello Ally, honestly there is a lot of tension behind the scenes, it’s palpable… I’ll summarize quickly.

1/ The young Israeli candidate, Eden Golan, is regularly whistled by spectators during her appearances on stage, notably yesterday in the Jury show. Directors use backup sounds so viewers don’t notice. Which does not appease the spectators, on the contrary.

2/ Eden Golan is permanently surrounded by XXL security (twelve cars, six motorcycles and a helicopter follow her each time the delegation leaves the room to return to its hotel). Behind the scenes, the young woman is surrounded by very strong and not smiling bodyguards at all, which makes everyone tense on the spot.

3/ Pro-Palestinians are taking advantage of the media coverage of Eurovision to make their voices heard in demonstrations. There is another one today at 3 p.m. in the center of Malmô. Thursday’s event took place peacefully, but there are many Palestinian flags in the streets of the city and in front of the Arena. They would have liked the Israelis to be banned from competitions like the Russians since the invasion of Ukraine. But the EBU, the organizing body, decided otherwise.

4/ Candidates from other countries are constantly questioned on the subject. Several candidates deliver messages of peace, which are rather apolitical. Others do not hide their support for the Palestinians, like Bambie Thug for Ireland, who is one of the favorites and who wanted to sing with an inscription meaning “ceasefire” on his face, which he was forbidden to do. . Yesterday Italian candidate Angelina Mango went to the press room to sing “Imagine” by John Lennon.

Slimane, for his part, has forbidden himself from discussing the subject, and is avoiding the press anyway.

5/ At the same time, the European Jewish community, and beyond all those who believe that the Israeli response on Gaza is legitimate in view of the terrorist attack of October 7, are remobilizing for Eden Golan and calling to vote for her on the networks social. For two days, Israel’s victory has been seriously considered by observers. She is second among the bookmakers, while at Le Parisien, her title “Hurricane” leaves us unmoved (but this is a purely artistic opinion).

In short, the atmosphere is unbreathable here.

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What song will Slimane sing this evening?

That’s right Eurovi, we haven’t even talked about his song yet! No question of his hits “Viens on s’aime” or “Paname”, but “Mon Amour”, a song full of emotion.

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Great return from Luxembourg! Does this country have a chance of being in the top 5?

Hello Saturday, you are right, it is a special day for Luxembourg! The country is making its return after 31 years of absence. It was young Tali who was chosen to represent the Grand Duchy in a national final.

With Slimane, she is the other French-speaking performer of the evening. His song “Fighter” is in French and English. As for his chances for a top 5, however, we should not get too far ahead of ourselves. His qualification on Tuesday evening in the semi-final is already a nice surprise, although deserved. But one thing is certain, this return of Luxembourg can already be described as a success!

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Who will win Eurovision according to the English bookmakers?

Hello Philippe, for the moment, among punters we are still betting on Croatia! Singer Baby Lasagna has a solid lead over the competition since he is predicted to have a 44% chance of winning with “Rim Tim Tagi Dim”.

Behind him, Israel made a real “comeback” this week. Singer Eden Golan could really make her mark with “Hurricane”, a song which refers to the October 7 attacks.

The Swiss artist Nemo could also complete the podium, unless Slimane, 4th for the moment, comes to play spoilsport!

May 7, 2024. Baby Lasagna who represents Croatia is the bettors’ favorite (Photo Icon Sport)

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Which country has won the most? An explanation ??

There are two, imagine Louis! Since last year Sweden and Ireland are tied with seven victories each. If Sweden is truly the country that has dominated Eurovision since the 2000s, Ireland experienced earlier success with four victories in the 1990s, three in a row, between 1992 and 1994.

As for explaining to you why… There is no miracle recipe, but Sweden organizes a national final every year, the Melodifestivalen, to select its song. This event is widely followed in the country with more than 80% audience share. The chosen song is therefore often extremely popular in the country, and benefits from good feedback from the public before launching on the international scene.

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Hello, I would like to know if it is true that Greta Thunberg’s mother participated in Eurovision?

Quite ! In 2009, Malena Ernman represented Sweden when the competition was held in Moscow (Russia). A lyrical mezzo-soprano singer, she performed “La Voix”, a song with a chorus in French and verses in English. Not the best performance for Sweden, as they finished just 21st.

She is indeed the mother of the young environmental activist Greta Thunberg, whom she had in 2003 with the Swedish actor and director Svante Thunberg.

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I read in an article that Slimane had a problem with his voice during rehearsals? Do you have any news regarding this incident?

Hello Kazou. Since his arrival in Sweden on May 1, Slimane has continued rehearsals. More than fifteen in total. Last night, there was a filming in public, under the exact conditions of tonight’s final. A very important rehearsal since it was the “Jury Show”, where the jurors from all the countries will award their points, which count for half of the final result.

I was in the room, and indeed, Slimane seemed a little less in shape vocally than the day before during the semi-final. He was also further away from the microphone and his voice seemed hoarser. The fatigue which is undoubtedly accumulating.

There is a rehearsal going on at this very moment which I am not, since I am here, responding to you. So we will see this evening, just after 11 p.m., if his voice is better and later in the evening, if the jurors found his voice powerful or not.

May 10, 2024, Malmö (Sweden). Slimane during a rehearsal (Photo Icon Sport)


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