three pedestrians hit by a car, the driver fleeing

Two young women were seriously injured in an accident which caused a total of ten victims, followed by a hit-and-run, which occurred on avenue de la Rochelle, in Niort, on the night of Friday May 10 to Saturday May 11, 2024.

The tragedy occurred around 12:35 a.m., at the intersection of Avenue de la Rochelle with Boulevard de l’Atlantique and Avenue Louis-Pasteur. A collision occurred between two cars. In one of them, which stopped in the middle of the intersection, were the seven members of a family.

The driver fled, abandoning his car

The other vehicle continued its journey towards a flowerbed located near the premises of the Orthopédie du Marais company. He crossed the mound of earth and mowed down three people who were walking on the other side, on a path away from the roadway, along the hedge, before embedding himself in the fence.

After the collision, one of the two cars continued racing towards the pit and a pedestrian path, hitting the victims near the billboard.
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Two of the three pedestrians were taken care of “in absolute emergency” by the firefighters and the two Smur teams. They are two women aged 27 and 30. The third person, a man, was less seriously injured.

Three colleagues

The three people were colleagues, who were returning after their day of work in a restaurant, we learned on site. They were transported to Niort hospital, as were the seven occupants of the car, who were slightly injured.

Two of the three pedestrians, two young women, were hospitalized in absolute emergency.
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The driver of the car which hit the pedestrians, and possible passengers, fled, abandoning the vehicle at the scene. An investigation was opened by the police station to identify this motorist.

Significant emergency resources were deployed on site, with 22 firefighters, five ambulances and two teams from the Smur de Niort.



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