the Brestois are stalling, the ticket for the Champions League not yet assured

the Brestois are stalling, the ticket for the Champions League not yet assured
the Brestois are stalling, the ticket for the Champions League not yet assured

It’s over, Brest is stalling and will still have to wait to validate its ticket for the Champions League!

The final whistle sounds, Brest and Reims go back-to-back (1-1) and share the points.

Faced with their public, the Brestois were unable to do better than a draw. Eric Roy’s squad will wait until the last day against Toulouse to possibly validate their ticket for the Champions League.

Mounié’s head… in Diouf’s gloves

Brest has made us so accustomed to finding the fault in the last minutes that we believed it! Brahimi crosses and finds Mounié! The tall striker’s header is not powerful enough to deceive Diouf.

Two changes for Brest, Amavi makes his debut

Two final changes for Brest with the big debut of Amavi in ​​Finistère, he replaces Locko. Brahimi replaces Martin.

4 minutes of added time

Still a little hope for Brest to get a 17th victory this season. Opposite, Reims has rather resigned itself to defending for several minutes now.

No shots on target in the second half for Brest

Eric Roy’s band set the pace in this second act and created chances but without finding the target, at least in the 88th minute.

Brest is still looking for the fault

The ball travels from right to left, Brest tries to stretch the lines of the Reims block but it is without success for the moment.

Richardson calls for a hand in the box

After a superb sequence, Richardson infiltrates the area and crosses. Lala tackles and the ball lands on his arm. No penalty, the former Strasbourg player naturally couldn’t avoid the leather.

The Brestois going all out for the end of the match

A common spirit to try to snatch victory, this is what Brest is trying to instill for the end of the game. The offensives are surging but for the moment Reims is resisting.

New change for Brest

New ammunition drawn by Eric Roy for the end of the match: Lebeau replaces Camara.

Mounié misses the mark in front of goal

Big opportunity for Brest again with Mounié who is served in the area. The ball arrives very quickly at the Brest striker who cannot bring it down correctly…

A change in attack for Brest

Lacking success this evening, Le Douaron gives way to Pereira Lage for the end of the match.

Nice still leads against Le Havre

In the other match of the evening, the Aiglons still lead at home against Le Havre (1-0), which temporarily allows them to remain in the race for the Champions League.

Even in the event of a victory this evening, Brest must count on a misstep from Nice to validate its ticket for the big-eared cup.

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“Stade Brestois, European Cup” in unison

The famous fashionable song at the end of the season resonates in the Brest stands.

Triple change for Reims, Munetsi leaves

New blood for Reims. The Reims scorer of the day, Munetsi, gives way to Richardson. Khadra replaces Nakamura and Foket takes Koné’s place on the right side.

Another big opportunity for Le Douaron

Opportunities pass for Le Douaron, this time served by Mounié. The Brest number 22 takes the ball with first intention but it is once again next to Diouf’s cage.

Douaron very close to 2-1!

Great heat for Reims! Martin serves Le Douaron on the left side. The Brest striker fixes the defense and continues with a beautiful cross shot which dies next to Diouf’s right post.

Stambouli warned in turn

New success in the Reims ranks, this time for Stambouli after too much pressure on Camara.

Bizot calm on Teuma’s free kick

Teuma gets a free kick just over 20 meters away which he takes care of taking. It’s well wrapped but it lacks the power to worry Bizot, who calmly grabs the ball.

Abdelhamid has shoulder problems

The Reims defensive captain is still holding his shoulder after a hotly contested duel with Mounier a few moments ago. One to watch for Diawara and his staff.

Brest residents are off to a good start

As in the first half, the Brestois got into this second act well, increasing the intensity and increasing the number of movements.

Satriano well contained in the surface

Le Douaron overflows on the left side and crosses into the area for Satriano. The Uruguayan striker turns around but Agbadou and Abdelhamid sandwich him.

A quarter of an hour which is often successful in Brest

Between the 46th and 60th minutes, Brest scored 16 goals (highest total in the top flight) while Reims conceded their highest proportion of goals in Ligue 1 Uber Eats this season (27% – 12/45).

Here we go again, with a change on the Reims side

The second period kicks off, with a change for Reims. Amadou Koné, warned during the first half, leaves his place to the experienced Benjamin Stambouli.

It’s the break, everything remains to be done!

Half-time is whistled in the wake of this equalizing goal from Brassier! 1-1 therefore between Brest and Reims, the suspense remains intact for the second period.

Brassier’s equalizer, 1-1!

Just before the break, the Brestois are back together!!! Brassier obtained the free kick and was decisive in the area by slamming in a beautiful header which left Diouf helpless! 1-1!

Another yellow card on the Reims side

Brassier turns around on the left side and takes with him the young Abdoul Koné, who is celebrating his first match in Ligue 1. The latter makes a mistake and is logically warned.

A good free kick for Brest before half-time

The Brestois get a great opportunity before the break. Martin is served in the center but his shot flies away. Too bad for Eric Roy’s troupe.

Satriano’s head flies above

As the break approaches, Brest tries to react. Satriano is found in the air but fails to bring the ball down correctly and his header goes wide.

Reims moves forward, Brest in difficulty

Munetsi’s opening score did not satisfy the Rémois who continued to attack, this time through Nakamura.

For Diawara’s first on the bench, the psychological shock seemed to work.

Locko’s good defense against Ito

The Brest left-back does not throw himself into the Japanese’s feints, very restless on his side. Reims is showing great seriousness this evening.

Possession slightly in favor of Brest

It is generally balanced but it leans slightly for Brest, 56% against 44% for Reims a little after the half hour of play.

Magnetti’s volley just misses!

The reaction of the people of Brest did not take long. On the edge of the area, Magnetti tries his luck with a volley as the ball comes back to him. His attempt died a few centimeters from Diouf’s right post.

The evening gets off to a bad start for the people of Brest

While Nice leads the dance against Le Havre, the Brestois are now running behind the score.

There is still a lot of time but we will have to turn things around and hope for a misstep from the Aiglons to validate a ticket for the Champions League this evening.

Munetsi opens the scoring for Reims!

Reims showers the Brest public! Ito drops a wonderful ball into the area which Munetsi heads back. Bizot arrives too late and can only see the damage!

Ito does not exploit Brest’s loss of ball well

Gross loss of the ball by Rémois in their half of the field. Ito grabs the leather and finally loses himself in his solo act in the box.

Mounié makes a mistake in the air

The great Brest striker is a specialist when it comes to heading balls. On a long touch from Lala in the area, he fouls Diouf.

Still no shot for Reims

The Brestois shot four times and found the target twice. This is not the case for the Rémois who have not yet tried their luck.

In the other match of the evening, Nice went ahead

The Brestois are obviously keeping an eye on the other match this Friday evening and Nice has just opened the score against Le Havre.

We remind you that it would take a misstep from the Aiglons and a victory for Brest this evening to allow Eric Roy’s men to validate their ticket for the Champions League.

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Satriano does not worry Diouf

The striker on loan from Inter receives a ball that floats in the air and hits a header that is not powerful enough. It slips through Diouf’s gloves.

Bizot was almost deceived by his defense

The Dutch super goalkeeper pulls out all the stops as Martin deflects a fleeing cross from Nakamura to the near post. An own goal avoided for the Brestois.

Chardonnet doesn’t attack his ball enough

The good off-center free kick obtained by Brest did nothing while Chardonnet did not sufficiently dominate the debates in the air this time.

A first yellow card on the Reims side

Excessive commitment from young Koné in the middle to stop Magnetti’s race. The yellow was logically brought out by the referee of the match, Jérôme Brisard.

Great start for Brest

The first minutes of play were to the advantage of the Brestois who put a lot of intensity in front of their audience. A good omen for a great evening in Finistère.

Diakité gets his brushes tangled in the surface

First situation to negotiate in attack for the former Salzburg resident. He delays in the area and finally collapses, helpless in the face of Locko’s good return.

The Brest public gives its voice

The twelfth man is there in these first minutes. Warm atmosphere in the very metallic Brest stands, which always offers a special sound.

The Douaron collapses near the surface

The referee does not flinch and signals the Brest striker to get up. However, he had not fallen alone.

Already a big first opportunity for Brest!

Immediate pressure on the Reims defense. Camara scratches a good ball and offers himself a first face to face with Diouf. The Reims goalkeeper wins.

Let’s go !

Let’s go between Brest and Reims in a hectic atmosphere! It is the people of Brest who are taking action.

Brest can validate its qualification for the Champions League

Stade Brestois is guaranteed to compete in a European Cup but dreams of the Champions League.

A home victory this evening against Reims (9 p.m.), combined with a misstep from Nice against Le Havre, would send Éric Roy’s men straight to paradise.

The composition of Reims is also there, with Diakité at the forefront

The first eleven of interim coach Samba Diawara is known. And it is rather classic, with the two Japanese internationals, Ito and Nakamura, on the wings.

The starting line-up for Reims: Koné, Teuma – Ito, Diakité, Nakamura.

The Brest eleven has fallen, Satriano starting

Deprived of Lees-Melou or Del Castillo, Eric Roy decided to line up a new eleven with Le Douaron and Satriano in attack to support Mounié.

Brest’s starting line-up: Bizot – Lala, Chardonnet (c.), Brassier, Locko – Camara, Martin, Magnetti – Le Douaron, Mounié, Satriano.

Hello everyone

Welcome to RMC Sport to follow live commentary of the meeting between Brest and Reims. The Bretons, still in the fight for third place directly qualifying for the Champions League, are only two points ahead of Lille and therefore have no room for error. Reims, for its part, will have its first match without Will Still, who left the club a week ago. It is Samba Diawara who will act as interim on the bench. Kick-off at 9 p.m. at Francis-Le Blé.



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