Failed Colombian facelift, illegal teeth whitening…: the managers of an illegal beauty salon sentenced by the court

Failed Colombian facelift, illegal teeth whitening…: the managers of an illegal beauty salon sentenced by the court
Failed Colombian facelift, illegal teeth whitening…: the managers of an illegal beauty salon sentenced by the court

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The managers of a clandestine beauty salon were tried this Monday by the Toulouse criminal court. They would have earned several hundred thousand euros thanks to this traffic. And that didn’t stop them from receiving state aid…

The pandemic has become a godsend for this couple based in Cugnaux. During this period, this 33-year-old woman and her 35-year-old former husband earned more than a hundred thousand euros by setting up a clandestine beauty salon in their garage. “Hairdressing, aesthetics, paramedical and training… But when were you going to stop your activity?” asks prosecutor Guilhem Renoux. The defendants were tried by the Toulouse Criminal Court this Monday, four years after the events.

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Near Toulouse, a couple had clandestinely set up a hairdressing and beauty salon in their garage

“I lost my job following the birth of my daughter in 2016. Two years later, we decided to convert the garage so that I could work while watching my little ones,” says this woman. Blonde hair tied up in a duvet, glasses on her nose and suit jacket on her shoulders, this mother of three recognizes everything. “At first, it was hairdressing. Then we offered teeth whitening and Colombian facelifts,” she admits.

Advertising in the magazine Voici!

Very quickly, the first satisfied customers told friends about it. Demand is increasing. “You had so much money that you dared to take an advertisement in the magazine Here, with your face on the page,” quips the prosecutor, addressing the ex-husband.

According to the investigation carried out by the gendarmes of the Toulouse-Mirail company, revealed at the time by the Dépêche du Midi, the roles were well defined between the two ex-spouses. “You provided care and he provided communication and training. Between this undeclared activity and state aid, particularly from Caf, you earned more than €4,000 per month between March 1, 2018 and December 2023″, recalls Guilhem Renoux, the prosecutor.

Their clandestine enterprise will be brought to light thanks to the neighbors, exasperated by the incessant comings and goings in front of their garage. “People were ringing local residents’ houses to find your salon! You also put an inflatable castle in the garden to keep your clients’ children occupied. All of this was not done naively,” analyzes the representative of the public prosecutor.

Clients injured in the buttocks

During the investigations, the soldiers of the research brigade noted that around ten customers were unhappy. “Some were injured in the buttocks during facelift treatments. The products used for tooth whitening were also dangerous and non-compliant. This is very serious,” said the president of the court. During the hearing, victims took the floor to denounce the “false training” sold by the couple and the obtaining of worthless diplomas.

The public prosecutor requires 18 months in prison with a probationary suspension with the obligation to work, to repay her debts against the hairdresser, defended by Me Frédéric David. And 24 months in prison, 18 of which were suspended for her former husband.

The court ultimately follows the prosecution’s requisitions. The two defendants must also reimburse Urssaf and Caf. A sum estimated at more than €200,000…



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