All the clues about the Hand

All the clues about the Hand
All the clues about the Hand

This year, a Hand makes its debut in “Mask Singer”. A personality is therefore hidden under this costume. Will the investigators, Kev Adams, Laurent Ruquier, Chantal Ladesou and Inès Reg, succeed in unmasking her?

Mask Singer is back, on TF1! With Camille Combal as presenter, still, but new faces among the investigators. Indeed, Inès Reg and Laurent Ruquier join Kev Adams and Chantal Ladesou in this function. Their objective, like every season, is to find the celebrities who hide under superb costumes which were made this year by Charlie Le Mindu, known worldwide for his iconic creations for Lady Gaga and Sia.

The Leopard, the Pickle, the Hippopotamus… All of them aim to lead the investigators away. Including the Hand. Who is she ?

All the clues revealed

We want to say “give me five”. “Fiesta” would be a key word. She’s been through a lot. She might have run a big company. Nothing predestined her to the cult success she experienced. She was alongside global idols. There might also be a connection with pancakes. She is a professional singer. These objects are clues: a crystal ball and a makeup brush.

Opinion of investigators

His first performance amazed them. Convinced that the hand has a handicap, Laurent Ruquier thought of Melody Gardot, like Chantal Ladesou, then of Philippe Croizon. Inès Reg, for her part, cited Véronique Sanson. And Kev Adams, Olivia Ruiz, without conviction…

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