The Trump trial still marked by the harsh words of Stormy Daniels

The Trump trial still marked by the harsh words of Stormy Daniels
The Trump trial still marked by the harsh words of Stormy Daniels

End of a third week of debates Friday at the trial of Donald Trump. It was marked by the marathon testimony of ex-pornographic actress Stormy Daniels, beneficiary of the hidden payments which earned the ex-president these unprecedented criminal proceedings

The week opened Monday in New York with a new warning shot from Judge Juan Merchan, who imposed a series of fines on Donald Trump for verbally attacking witnesses and jurors, in violation of his instructions. He threatened him with prison if he did it again.

Michael Cohen’s turn

The other star witness in this trial, Donald Trump’s former lawyer, Michael Cohen, who paid the actress $130,000 in the final days of the campaign for the 2016 presidential election, won by the wire by the Republican candidate, could be called to the bar as early as next week. Michael Cohen, who says he acted at his request, turned against his former boss.

In the midst of the campaign against outgoing Democratic President Joe Biden, the Republican candidate is being tried for 34 counts of accounting falsification for concealing the reimbursement of sums to the lawyer in the accounts of his holding company, the Trump Organization. He risks conviction and potentially a prison sentence, with still incalculable consequences for the electorate.

Although the facts are less serious than those with which he is accused in the three other criminal proceedings against him, this trial is all the more important as it could be the only one to be held before the November 5 election.

Only Donald Trump’s federal trial in Washington for illicit attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 election could still begin before this deadline, provided that the Supreme Court quickly rejects the immunity he claims as a former -president.

Ex-assistant and telephony experts

Like every day, the Republican candidate denounced upon his arrival at the Manhattan court on Friday a “horrible” trial intended according to him to prevent him from campaigning, but declared that he would be at a meeting on Saturday in neighboring New Jersey. Since its opening on April 15, the trial has alternated pieces of judicial bravery and dry, very technical sequences.

Thus, the dramatic tension subsided after the extensive testimony Tuesday and Thursday of Stormy Daniels who recounted in great detail the sexual relationship she claims to have had with him in 2006, and fought step by step the defense’s attempts to discredit his story. An affair that Donald Trump, then already married to his current wife Melania, categorically denies.

On Friday, one of his direct assistants at the White House, Madeleine Westerhout, took the stand, who explained how Donald Trump conducted his business, then two specialists from telephone companies, questioned about telephone call records.

One of the challenges of the debates is to determine what Donald Trump knew about these behind-the-scenes negotiations to buy the silence of Stormy Daniels.

If he were elected again, once inaugurated in January 2025, he could order the abandonment of the two federal proceedings against him, in Washington but also in Florida (southeast), where he is being prosecuted for withholding documents. classified after his departure from the White House.

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