“We didn’t expect to see so many people”: open-air, open-access sport, a practice that the Sétois like

“We didn’t expect to see so many people”: open-air, open-access sport, a practice that the Sétois like
“We didn’t expect to see so many people”: open-air, open-access sport, a practice that the Sétois like

A new connected fitness area and a basketball court have been created on Place de la République in Sète. Attendance is good.

Place de la République was already a popular place in Sète, particularly thanks to the flea market on Sundays. Now, a new activity will accentuate this crowd. For several weeks now, a connected fitness area and a three-on-three basketball court have appeared. These outdoor facilities, where sport reigns supreme, are still rare in the city. However, the practice pleases the Sétois.

Effective labeling

These new freely accessible sports facilities are linked to the recent “Active & sporting city” label. Aid which makes it possible to carry out sports projects co-financed by the State. “We have only been certified for a year. It’s the beginning, but we are going to develop more open access sports venues. Several are already in the works“, contextualizes Hervé Marques, deputy delegate for sport. Currently, the city only has two spaces of this type.

We respond to changes in the population’s sporting practices. Now, everyone wants to do their sport when they want, where they want. Free access sports facilities allow this“, analyzes the elected official.

A connected fitness area

The new fitness area has the particularity of being connected. Athletes can thus find exercises on the AirFit application. The concept is simple: all the machines and workshops in the area have an explanation and illustration module on the application.

However, practitioners are not always aware of this connected dimension. Like Basile Minart, an 18-year-old student: “I didn’t know there was support on the app, but it’s interesting, so I’m going to try it. This will be a way to discover new exercises or see if I’m doing something wrong in my movement.

The new connected fitness area at Place de la République
Midi Libre – RM

Remarkable attendance

This new addition to Place de la République seems to satisfy some Sétois. “I’ve been coming three times a week for a month“, explains Basile. “I go in order to build muscle, but it remains a simple hobby“, specifies the young man.

Without having a large crowd at the moment, the fitness area is already proving to be quite useful and busy, as is the three-on-three basketball court, which was full on Thursday, May 9, at the end of the afternoon. “Our expectations have already been met. We didn’t expect to have so many people without even having inaugurated it“, declares Hervé Marques.

Initially scheduled for April 27, the inauguration of the two facilities was postponed to Saturday 1er June due to bad weather. In the meantime, these two structures, located around thirty meters from each other, have already created a real sporting landmark on the Place de la République.



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