Mayotte: “the situation is under control” says the Minister of Health after a first death from cholera

Mayotte: “the situation is under control” says the Minister of Health after a first death from cholera
Mayotte: “the situation is under control” says the Minister of Health after a first death from cholera

“The situation is under control”assured, Thursday May 9, 2024, Frédéric Valletoux, during a trip to Mayotte. The Minister responsible for Health visited the French island in the Indian Ocean after the death of a three-month-old child from cholera. He estimates that the epidemic, which started about two months ago, first among people coming from the Comoros, is “content” and that he “there is no explosion” cases.

The latest figures known in Mayotte show “65 people affected by this disease”, indicates the minister. The epidemic “It’s not going to stop overnight.”indicated Frédéric Valletoux. “The number of cases we have today has not stabilized”but the intervention “rapid, coordinated and proportionate services” According to him, he avoided the situation becoming uncontrollable.

A vaccination campaign

He compared the situation with those of neighboring Comoros. “The epidemic started a month and a half earlier but today there are thousands of cases and almost a hundred deaths”. “We see that in Mayotte, the response is adequate“, analyzes Frédéric Valletoux.

During his first day of travel to Mayotte, the Minister responsible for Health visited the Kirson district of Koungou, where at least around fifty cases of cholera have been declared to date. It is also from this district that the deceased child, a three-year-old girl, was originally. He also spoke with the teams of the Regional Health Agency (ARS) responsible for disinfecting homes as soon as a case is suspected.

The ARS also distributes antibiotics and carries out has a vaccination campaign. The population is “very receptive“, according to Olivia Noël, field coordinator. More than 4,000 people have received an injection, according to the ARS.

Water, vector of contamination

Liot MP from Mayotte, Estelle Youssouffa, asks the authorities to relaunch the distribution of bottled water to limit the risks of contamination by unclean water, one of the vectors of transmission of the disease with contaminated food. She also recalled that “the population, mostly foreign, does not always have a telephone and is often afraid of the authorities” SO “people wait until the last moment” to alert emergency services.

Cholera, a bacterial disease, can cause acute diarrhea and cause death from dehydration within one to three days. On Wednesday, Estelle Youssouffa recalled the situation on site: “We always have water cuts” And “a single hospital with five emergency doctors”. An observation which highlights “the entire population in danger”according to her.

At the Mayotte University Hospital, Alimata Gravaillac, head of the emergency department, stressed that kwassas, these boats usually used by migrants from the Comoros neighbors to reach Mayotte, “arrive directly at the hospital with sick people”. These convoys cause a “additional pressure for caregivers“. The emergency doctors, who have “40 patients to treat“upon taking up service, must “hold over time”she insisted.



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