At the Chartres court, the gentleman hit the lady but “she started it”

At the Chartres court, the gentleman hit the lady but “she started it”
At the Chartres court, the gentleman hit the lady but “she started it”

Sometimes a trial is a bit like a play. With situations that turn around throughout the hearing.

Act 1. The facts.

The president, in a neutral tone.

– The police intervened at your home following a call from your wife. She mentions an altercation in the car, returning from a dinner with friends. She talks about several slaps. She has traces of blood and a loose tooth. You were heavily intoxicated. Her too. And she reports that this type of violence is repeated about three times a year.

The defendant, contrite.

– I was driving, she hit me. But I didn’t want to say it. I answered but I wasn’t the one who started it. It’s my wife who hits me, she’s not easy, you know… I don’t want to turn the situation around but I lied so she wouldn’t have any problems.

The president, doubtful.

– It’s still her who has a 6-day work stoppage!

The accused.

– I answered, I can’t deny it.

The president, skeptical.

– But then, why are you staying with Madame?

The defendant, cheerful.

– We’re seriously in love, ma’am, we bought the house, we got married two years ago, we had our honeymoon, we’re super happy, but when there’s alcohol… go We need to think about this.

The president, stern.

– Nothing justifies violence, sir.

The accused.

– Completely agree with that. I really want to go to prison, but we just bought the house, we have the credit, the leased car, if I’m incarcerated, we won’t be able to do it anymore. She is exceptional, my wife. We’ve been together for 19 years, I’m lost without her in the prison.

Act 2

The prosecutor, severe.

– Sir, you have five entries in your criminal record. With violence against a spouse and even violence against your son and a sexual assault on the lady’s daughter. And already sentenced to one year in prison. Your stay will be revoked.

The accused, lost.

– I do not get it…

The prosecutor.

– This means that you are no longer eligible for release before May 2, 2025.

The defendant, resigned.

– All right.

The prosecutor.

– Madame is visibly ambivalent, but it is certainly a sign of control. The facts are likely to worry me. I ask for 1 additional year in prison and a ban on contact between them. It’s time to stop paying for this relationship.

Act 3

The defense lawyer.

– I’m a little lost myself. What really happened in this car? What lets us know who started it? And the slaps: have you ever tried to slap while driving? There is violence on both sides and alcohol on both sides. Madame is as clear as pudding juice. So, I agree that this relationship needs to end, but a year in prison is nonsense. Relax sir!

Act 4 – Judgment.

The President, solemn.

– There is no proof of self-defense. You are sentenced to one year in prison and banned from contact with the lady for 3 years.




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