the proof with these three offers

the proof with these three offers
the proof with these three offers

The price war in the mobile phone market is in full swing. In the space of a year, according to our price barometerTHE mobile plan prices have decreased by almost 20%. As a result, the average price of packages has currently fallen below 15 euros. And today it seems that operators are at the peak of low-cost offers. The proof with these three packages.

The quality of the Orange network at a price rarely seen

Having a mobile plan on the number 1 mobile network in France is the guarantee of having the best. Unfortunately, quality costs… But that’s without taking into account the virtual operators who offer their packages on the Orange network. And today, we certainly found the most incredible offer possible. The operator is Lebara, and with its 40 GB package on the Orange network, it’s breaking the house! The price of its no-obligation package is only 5.99 euros per month.

The Lebara package includes 40 GB (including 5 GB roaming from the European Union and the French overseas departments), and unlimited calls and SMS. In addition, the SIM card is offered at the time of subscription.

Special feature of this Lebara package: MMS are not included. You will need to use Messenger or WhatsApp to send your photos.

Cdiscount Mobile and its new plan with 160 GB for less than €10

Although a majority of consumers use less than 20 GB of mobile internet every month, there are still users who need more, much more in fact. And it is for them that Cdiscount Mobile has launched an absolutely gigantic new subscription. Hold on tight, here is a no-obligation mobile plan at a price of 9.99 euros per (we therefore remain below the symbolic bar of 10 euros) which includes a mobile data envelope of 160 GB !

This XXL package which uses the excellent Bouygues Telecom mobile network includes unlimited calls and SMS/MMS in mainland France and from Europe and the French Overseas Territories, as well as 19 GB of mobile internet from these same destinations abroad.

The Grand de Prixtel with 5G under €10 monthly

Third offer and not the least: the Le Grand de Prixtel package. Here we have a particularity since thePrixtel subscriptions are adjustable and automatically adapt to preset consumption levels. The Grand thus offers an internet envelope ranging from 130 GB to 170 GB from only 9.99 euros per month. And you benefit from a 5G compatible package ! Not bad is not it ?

Regarding the levels, here are some explanations. The Le Grand package is offered at a starting price of 9.99 euros. For this amount, it allows you to benefit from 130 GB of internet. That said, it can go up to 150 GB for an additional 2 euros, or 11.99 euros per month. If you exceed this quota, you still have a 20 GB extension (still for 2 euros more), which lets you go up to 170 GB for 13.99 euros per month. Obviously, if you do not exceed 130 GB, the package will remain at 9.99 euros per month.

For the rest, calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited, but also 15 GB of mobile data usable abroad, from European Union countries and overseas departments. Without obligation, this package from the virtual operator Prixtel uses the antennas of the SFR network.



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