The 5 a.m. news – “Never seen before!” : prices soar at motorway service stations

The 5 a.m. news – “Never seen before!” : prices soar at motorway service stations
The 5 a.m. news – “Never seen before!” : prices soar at motorway service stations

The lucky ones who were able to go on vacation during this long weekend may have had an unpleasant surprise when they stopped to refuel on the highway. Because fuel prices have exploded at these service stations. On the A43 between Lyon and Grenoble, many motorists have been surprised.

On the sign, we are close to 2.40 euros per liter of unleaded 95. “2.32 euros! I wasn’t careful”, discovers Yanis, dismayed, once at the pump. “It’s expensive per liter now… I hadn’t looked at the price, I thought it was 1.70 or 1.80 euros!“For 50 euros, he leaves with 21 liters, promising never to return to this gas station.

“2.40 euros!” exclaims Gérard at the pump next door. “I took less than I thought at the start, I don’t have enough,” he notes, this trip to the pump costing him 74 euros. “It’s only 30 liters! And I was empty. It’s very, very expensive, we’ve never seen so much! I’ll know for next time.”

As for Pierre and his wife, they stopped at this station without imagining that they were going to pay 2.52 euros per liter of unleaded : “We won’t come back!”, assures the driver. “We needed gas so we took some. It worked out well for me, I just had to be careful! But we have no choice when we need gasoline.“In all the surrounding stations, prices per liter are on average 40 cents lower.

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