what the Olympic flame risks on its path

what the Olympic flame risks on its path
what the Olympic flame risks on its path

UA confidential note from the Ministry of the Interior, dated January, gives a precise inventory of threats along the route of the Olympic flame, revealed France Info on Wednesday May 8. This 15-page document is entitled Risk analysis and assessment relating to torch relays. It lists the “main local centers of protest”.

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The first is in the Pyrénées-Orientales, where the flame should be located on May 15, due to “the problem of drought and restrictions on water use implemented since the summer of 2023 [qui] could be at the origin of actions. As such, the document continues, the RN 116, the main road axis of the relay, is likely to favor attempted actions and blockages., details the note. The Olympic flame should continue its journey in Haute-Garonne on May 17, where the A69 motorway project, against which several associations are fighting, could lead to a disturbance created by activists.

On May 24 and 25 and June 2, it is opposition to the megabasins project which could this time disrupt the path of the flame. “The opposition to megabasin projects, under the aegis of the BNM 79 collective, the Peasant Confederation and the Earth Uprising movement, has repeatedly demonstrated its proven violent potential”, considers the document confidential.

Potential troublemakers also listed

The Ministry of the Interior also identifies potential entities which could be at the origin of the unrest, such as Rampage 2024, Food Response, Earth Uprisings or Extinction Rebellion. Information confirmed by Julien Le Guet, spokesperson for the Bassines non merci collective, interviewed by France Info: “The Olympic flame is in fact an opportunity to shed light on all local struggles wherever it passes. Mr. Darmanin, on the other hand, is wrong to focus on us. I want to remind him that 150 local Earth Uprising committees have been formed since the threat of dissolution last summer. And everyone is free to act when they want, where they want”, he explains. France Info also explains that several activists have applied to become torch bearers.

According to the note from the Ministry of the Interior, the Olympic flame has “almost systematically been the target of disruptions during the various recent Olympics”. This was already the case in 2008 in France, when she visited Paris before the Beijing Olympic Games. His journey had to be interrupted because activists had denounced China’s policy in Tibet. This year, the flame will be systematically supervised by a “bubble” of 115 police officers and gendarmes as well as around a hundred mobile forces.



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