Marie Toussaint believes that on June 9, it will be “either the brown pact or the green pact”

Rather discreet, the Greens candidate in the European elections is becoming more and more confident as the campaign progresses. Aware that the percentage of voting intentions in her favor is still not taking off, Marie Toussaint toughens her tone and adopts the meaning of the formula.

At the microphone of the morning of France this Thursday, May 9 declared Europe Day, the head of the EELV list, around 6.5% in the latest polls – or tied, according to certain studies, with the candidate Marion Maréchal of Reconquête – attacked the National Rally.

Worried about a future dismantling of European ecological policies in the event of a majority nationalist victory in Strasbourg, Marie Toussaint warns voters.

The vote on June 9, “it will be either the brown pact, a mixture of climate skepticism and the extreme right, or on the contrary the green pact, the strengthening, the acceleration of ecological and social transformation”, she warns .

The RN has “two scapegoats”: “foreigners” and “protection of nature”

During this campaign, during which national issues regularly supplanted European ones, the outgoing Green MEP accused the far right of crystallizing tensions around “two scapegoats”.

“The foreigner, who would be the cause of all our problems, including climate change, we wonder how that is possible…”, castigates the candidate. And nature protection, “environmental legislation and standards”.

“We hear the extreme right, which influences the rest of the rights, explaining to us that if we stopped protecting the environment the world would be better,” laments Marie Toussaint. However, it is “the opposite”, she assures us.

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