sharing photos on both platforms

sharing photos on both platforms
sharing photos on both platforms

We recently spoke to you about the strategy of Meta, which wishes to accelerate the development of its social network Threads, a direct competitor to X (formerly Twitter). After launching a program to invite IG influencers to join Threads, Meta plans to deploy a new feature, already present between Facebook and Instagram: automatic sharing of photos between these two platforms. This initiative promises to simplify and accelerate the publication process for fans of these social networks… and to facilitate the work of community managers.

A strategic feature to facilitate the acquisition of new users on Threads

The links between Instagram and Threads are further consolidated, so much so that Meta is launching a test phase to allow instant sharing of photos from IG users directly on Threads. This advancement aims to enrich the user experience by offering them closer integration between these two environments, whose content approach is different, with a more video orientation for IG and more a photo orientation for Threads.

Certain privileged users can now opt to publish their photos simultaneously on Instagram and Threads. This feature, in the testing phase, aims to simplify the sharing of visual content on these two social platforms.

Meta confirmed to the American media TechCrunch the launch of this functionality. “cross-posting”, allowing you to automatically stream a photo from Instagram to Threads. However, it should be noted that this option only works one way, thus excluding the possibility of automatically posting to Instagram from Threads. We can clearly see Meta’s intention here: to boost the number of users of its new social platform.

Once enabled, this option converts the caption intended for Instagram into text for posting on Threads. Hashtags, on the other hand, are rendered as plain text, even though Threads now supports them. However, this first version of the feature does not support some specific Instagram content, such as Reels, the service’s short-form video format.

It’s not available to everyone…yet

Note that cross-posting is not yet available for all users, and is currently limited to iOS. Additionally, this feature may not be tested in the European Union, due to concerns about cross-border data processing.

Despite this, if the test results prove conclusive, this functionality could possibly be extended to a larger audience, given that it is already possible to share photos from Instagram directly to Facebook.

The features on this new Meta baby are multiplying: recently, trending topics landed on Threads, while the arrival of advertising on the social network is planned for the 2nd half of 2024.

Note that in its desire to improve interoperability between its platforms, Meta launched a few months ago a functionality allowing messages to be shared simultaneously on Facebook and Threads. However, this initiative still excluded Android and the European Union.


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