Jaux. A dog and two cats died of suffocation in a fire

Jaux. A dog and two cats died of suffocation in a fire
Jaux. A dog and two cats died of suffocation in a fire
Amandine Benelle and Alex Gosset adopted this sweet husky named Snow. He died at just seven months old. Photo: DR

“The images come back in a loop,” breathes Alex Gosset, still shocked. On the night of Saturday May 4 to Sunday May 5, he and his partner Amandine Benelle lost their three pets. Their dog Snow, a seven-month-old husky, and their two catsYumi and Smocky, are asphyxiated deaths in L’fire of their House has Jaux near Compiègne.

“THE fire started from the kitchen, more precisely from the vitro-ceramic, explains the tenant of the premises. It is a farmhouse, with high and thick surrounding walls. It’s hard to imagine that a fire ravaged the place, looking from the outside, at 363 rue du Champ du Mont, hamlet of Varanval.

“As it is an old stone house, the flames were quickly extinguished, but it was the smoke and soot which devastated the house,” indicates Alex Gosset, who left for a few days with his partner to visit his mother in Châteauroux.

Snow, the husky, lies lifeless in the entrance

Amandine and Alex were returning from a day of fishing in Armancourt. “We returned around 3 a.m.,” he says. There was the smell of fire. We rushed inside. We couldn’t see anything because of the thick smoke. I opened the bay window wide and looked for my dog.”

Snow, the husky, lies lifeless in the entryway, as does one of the cats. The firefighters found the second feline in the kitchen. “I knew deep down that he was dead, but I took him outside,” Alex continues. I tried to do mouth-to-mouth…” Meanwhile, Amandine calls the firefighters. “I was screaming on the phone in the back, I was so panicked,” he said. “Help arrived quickly, but when it comes to things…”

The firefighters, the police, the deputy mayor arrive. Amandine and Alex are taken to the hospital, from which they will be released early in the morning. “Sunday, we dedicated it to our animals,” he says. We looked for a veterinarian who could take care of them. We went to Paris to drop off the bodies.”

An online fundraiser to help the couple

Then the couple returned to open the claim file with the insurance company. “We have few things that can be recovered,” explains Alex. Soot gets encrusted everywhere: objects, clothes…” Amandine and Alex opened an online fundraiser to help them. “As I speak to you, I am wearing a friend’s shoes,” he says.

“It’s devastating,” he says. The couple will benefit from psychological monitoring. For the moment, it is impossible to return to work for Alex, maintenance technician at the racecourse, and for Amandine, customer advisor at Webhelp.

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