LG C4: Only a few hours left to benefit from €200 in vouchers with the brand new 4K OLED TV!

LG C4: Only a few hours left to benefit from €200 in vouchers with the brand new 4K OLED TV!
LG C4: Only a few hours left to benefit from €200 in vouchers with the brand new 4K OLED TV!

Good news LG C4: Only a few hours left to benefit from €200 in vouchers with the brand new 4K OLED TV!

Published on 05/09/2024 at 4:10 p.m.

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Until tonight, take advantage of a €200 voucher for the purchase of the brand new and sublime 55-inch LG C4 4K OLED TV!

The brand new 55-inch LG C4 4K OLED TV is finally available and you can benefit from a €200 gift card!

The new generation of 4K OLED TVs is here and with it, ever better quality! The LG C4 is making its debut on the market and we can already consider it to be the new queen in this area.

For the purchase of this magnificent 4K OLED TV which was released very recently, several merchants are offering you a €200 gift card! But be careful, this offer is only valid until tonight, so don’t wait to take advantage of it.

LG C4: The new queen of OLED is finally out!

The worthy successor to the LG C3

Every year, LG unveils a new generation of 4K OLED TVs, always more powerful and qualitative than the previous ones. Among all, the C range is the most interesting, being an excellent compromise between exceptional quality and price. The C4 is therefore the very latest and it replaces the C3, which itself took the place of the C2. And once again, the result meets expectations!

Excellent image quality

The C4 uses a 55-inch OLED evo panel and is equipped with the all-new α9 AI 4K Gen7 processor. Whether for SDR or HDR, the image quality is excellent. This TV is also compatible with Dolby Vision and HDR10+.

Like any OLED panel, you will be entitled to true blacks and infinite contrasts. And this year again, LG is doing even better in image processing, both in upscaling lower definition content and optimizing the display depending on the content and ambient brightness. The colorimetry is also a marvel and allows this TV to offer rich, precise and realistic images.

  • In addition to the different HDRs, Filmmaker mode is also available on this TV and guarantees an experience consistent with the director’s vision for your films.

Audio with Dolby Atmos

With a power of 40 W optimized according to the acoustic properties of your room and the positioning of the TV, the C4 is also capable of offering virtual 9.1.2 channel surround audio thanks to its processor and Dolby Atmos and DTS: x.

Perfect for gaming

Like its predecessors, the C4 is ideal for video games with its HDMI 2.1 ports. Whether on a gaming PC, PS5 or Xbox Series, you will be able to enjoy 4K UHD to the fullest, all with a frequency of 144 Hz, which is more than what is needed to display the 120 fps of your consoles. In addition, this TV supports VRR, AMD FreeSync Premium and Nvidia G-Sync which allows you to synchronize the display of your TV and your console or graphics card. The advantage? Completely eliminate image stuttering and tearing!

Responsiveness is also optimal with the ALLM mode which makes the response time absolutely minimal at 0.1 ms. The crazy thing is that it’s better than a lot of gaming PC monitors!

An efficient Smart TV

With WebOS 24, you will be entitled to an efficient and pleasant to use smart TV interface. It will give you access to your favorite applications from Netflix to Disney + and Prime Video and much more. For example, it is possible to personalize your home menu for each user, to use the included internet browser or even to use this television to transform it into a real painting or photo frame via Gallery mode.

Also note that the C4 is compatible with Miracast, Chromecast and AirPlay2, and that it can be controlled by voice via LG ThinQ and Alexa which are integrated, or even from another connected device integrating Google Assistant.

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