Europe Day. France 2 devotes its evening to Europe and French diplomacy

Europe Day. France 2 devotes its evening to Europe and French diplomacy
Europe Day. France 2 devotes its evening to Europe and French diplomacy

This Thursday, May 9, is not only the Ascension holiday. Above all, it is Europe Day. On this occasion, Ouest-France is freely accessible all day. One month before the first vote in the European elections, France 2 also devotes its evening to the European Union with two documentaries and a special night.

“What future for the old continent, in a world where mega powers and autocracies seem to be calling the shots? How is France acting? Is the sending of ground troops, which divides Europeans, inevitable? » Here are some questions put forward in the France Télévisions press release and those asked by the teams of 1:15 p.m.who slipped into the heart of French diplomacy for 5 months to create this event evening.

From Brussels to Berlin, from Tallinn to Warsaw, from Stockholm to Washington, but also to Beijing, Jerusalem, India, Brazil, and aboard the presidential Airbus: facing the threat of a war that is spreading in Europe, what role can our country’s diplomacy play?

Two documentaries in the first part of the evening

Two documentaries dedicated to diplomacy will attempt to answer this question:

Europe facing war, at 9:10 p.m., will take us to the NATO borders with Russia. Should we fear an armed conflict on European Union soil? Can diplomacy control this new cold war? Is the nuclear threat a reality?

At 10:40 p.m., France in the new world order will take us to meet these new mega powers who want to play their part in the concert of nations. What is France preparing to influence between the United States and the countries of the “Global South”, India, Brazil, China?

In these documentaries, we will find in particular the interventions of Kaja Kallas, Prime Minister of Estonia; Patrick Dutartre, Air Force general and former fighter pilot: Mart Noorma, director of CCDCOE, NATO Cyber ​​Defense Center of Excellence; Mike Pence, former Vice President of the United States; Nils Schmid, German SPD MP, specialist in international issues; or Marion Van Renterghem, great reporter and Europe columnist at The Express.

Special night “We, the Europeans”

This evening will continue for one night We, the Europeans dedicated to the weekly magazine presented by Éléonore Gay which provides keys to understanding the daily lives of the women and men who make Europe.

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The opportunity to (re)see the notable issues of the reporting magazine dedicated to Europe. Twelve numbers will be rebroadcast during the night:

Norway, the green paradise (First broadcast January 20, 2023)

Georgia, Albania: soon Europe? (First broadcast May 2, 2024)

The Canary Islands, the new gateway for migrants to Europe (First broadcast on December 7, 2023)

Estonia, digital champion (First broadcast on February 15, 2024)

Queens and kings, Europe in majesty (First broadcast on December 31, 2023)

Slovakia, goodbye to coal (First broadcast on April 11, 2022)

School, the Irish comeback (First broadcast September 29, 2022)

United Kingdom, champion of road safety (First broadcast on December 14, 2024)

Water, how to escape the shortage? (First broadcast May 25, 2023)

Iceland, the pioneers of the north (First broadcast September 23, 2021)

Lapland, the call of the Great North (First broadcast on December 24, 2023)



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