“A little something extra”, private life, weight, career, real name, age… everything you need to know

“A little something extra”, private life, weight, career, real name, age… everything you need to know
“A little something extra”, private life, weight, career, real name, age… everything you need to know

On May 1st, Artus’ first film as a director was released: “Un p’tit truc en plus”. A real hit at the box office, it is already having the best start of 2024 for a French film. The opportunity to learn a little more about him.

This is THE movie hit of the moment: A little something extra recorded almost 1 million entries in 5 days! A film by Artus. Here are all the secrets of the 36-year-old actor, comedian and director, who has also been designated Olympic Flame Relay in Montpellier.

What is Artus’ real name?

Artus is not exactly the real name of the man who is preparing to climb the steps of the Cannes Film Festival in a few days alongside the cast of The Pampas. And for good reason, in civil status, he is Victor-Artus Solaro, a first name that has been in his family for several generations. “I had an old uncle who was a history buff who went back into the family tree and found one of our ancestors called the Baron of Onion Artus de Solaro”in fact entrusted the thirty-year-old to Purepeople. Moreover, legend has it that this ancestor of Artus is the one to whom we owe the expression “in a row of onions” since he was an usher at the table of Louis XIV.

This is Laurent Ruquier’s show, broadcast for several years on France 2, We just want to laugh about it, which revealed Artus to the general public. But did you know that none of this would have been possible without the intervention of the young man’s parents? And for good reason, they are the ones who pushed him to enter the world of comedy. “My parents have always supported me even though they are not in the profession, they have always trusted me. Strangely, it was me who said ‘It’s not a profession’”he also quipped at Isabelle Morizet’s microphone on Europe 1 in 2021. And it’s up to him to complete: “I’m not a very patient person so I wouldn’t have waited ten years for it to work”.

In May 2010, his parents announced to him that they had rented a 42-seat room for him at the popular Avignon Festival so that he could perform there for an entire month. A gesture, a bit crazy as he himself admits, which pushed him to write a show in just two months. “In July, in Avignon, I had an average of 23 paying spectators. But it immediately buzzed among the professionals. I remember one evening when in the room, there were people from TF1, France 2, France 4 and M6 Two months later, in September, I was on France 2 in the show ‘On n’demande qu’en riz’ and it all started from there. I know that I owe everything to my parents. ‘today, they have become my collaborators’he told Provence in 2017.

Is Artus in a relationship?

For several years now, Artus has shared his life with a certain Sarah Nasrallah. Besides, if Artus has not only kept good memories of Dancing with the stars – a show in which he participated in 2016 with dancer Marie Denigot – he cannot completely denigrate the experience. And for good reason, it’s here that he met his sweetheart! An event organizer, the young woman studied economics and finance at the Sorbonne University where she obtained a Master 2.

Very discreet about his private life, Artus very rarely talks about his relationship. But he still made some confidences about his life partner in the columns of Paris Match in 2017.”I have a partner. I don’t know how to say it actually. I don’t like to say my girl, my girlfriend. Even my wife in real life, I find it a bit caveman-like. She is my companion, my life partner! We’ve been together for a few months.”he confessed soberly.

Since then, Sarah Nasrallah, whom the comedian himself describes on TikTok as “tidying up psychopath”, became his wife. The two lovebirds actually said yes to each other in June 2023, as evidenced by a few photos revealed by the main interested party on Instagram. Artus had already mentioned his desire to become a father so all that remains is for him to launch the baby project with his wife.

Artus’ incredible weight loss for his wedding

The one who will return to his only stage at the start of the next school year at the Edouard VII theater in Paris, lost 35 kilos in four months thanks to a sports coach, “the best of all” according to him, and to a very drastic diet. An impressive weight loss that Artus decided to comment on briefly on his Instagram account. “Don’t worry, I haven’t lost my humor because there are people who asked me the question”he concluded with humor.

Guest of What an era!he spoke to Léa Salamé about his physical change which is also the result of stopping alcohol and she found that he was then “become boring“, triggering an improbable controversy for a week.



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