here is the mistake we all make in the garden at least in May, strongly discouraged by gardeners

here is the mistake we all make in the garden at least in May, strongly discouraged by gardeners
here is the mistake we all make in the garden at least in May, strongly discouraged by gardeners

With the good weather in May, we are tempted to beautify our lawn. In fact, many gardeners take advantage of spring to clean up their green spaces. We explain to you why this practice is not recommended.

When May rolls around, lawn and lawn owners rush to keep their spaces clean. It’s nice to have a green lawn and well cleaned, but this practice is not without consequences. To help you see things more clearly, we reveal to you the mistake that we all make at least once in our life. garden and the reasons for not renewing it.

Why is lawn mowing prohibited?

A tempting idea for lovers of green spaces

The arrival of spring is the ideal time to mow the lawn for some lawn lovers. gardening, because it’s nice to have a clean lawn and grass trimmed to the same height. However, in the United Kingdom, many homeowners have refused to mow their lawn since awareness was raised by an association for the defense of wild plants. This practice also tends to spread in France and other countries. In fact, some people impatiently wait until May to take out their mower. However, the professional gardeners advise against doing so.

Preservation of fauna and flora

Mowing the lawn prematurely destroys the wildlife hiding there, such as slugs, hedgehogs and bird nests which are useful for the lawn. biodiversity. Indeed, letting grass grow creates a natural habitat for insects and bees. According to Plantlife, lawns serve as an incubator of life and play a crucial role in preserving the ecosystem. Moreover, the NGO claims that people who leave their lawns in the wild have noticed the appearance of more than 200 plant species. Mowing the lawn in May therefore removes the nutritional resources of insects, reports La

Fight against heat

Fauna and flora flourish more when the grass is not cut regularly. In fact, the movement No Mow May would reduce the intense heat experienced in spring. For example, a lawn that is not mowed allows theself-shading soil and retention of morning dew, indicates Moreover, if you want to mow your lawn, do it in an environmentally friendly way, by cutting the grass in part of your space. In addition, some mowers are equipped with a mode that allows you to keep a percentage of the garden lawn so that it welcomes insects and facilitates the development of biodiversity.

Three more reasons not to mow the lawn in May

The lawn, a nectar reserve

The lawn is considered a reserve of nourishing grasses for pollinating insects. These include poppies, dandelions, clovers, daisies and nettles. Indeed, these insects draw the nectar contained in these grasses and regular mowing would prevent the growth of these varieties and would eliminate this resource for wasps, bumblebees and bees. It is also prohibited to mow the lawn in June, under penalty of a fine.

The biodiversity observatory

By maintaining a wild lawn, you participate in numerous scientific actions, such as counting the number of butterflies. Likewise, you will contribute to the investigation of insect species with theOffice for insects and their environment. This biodiversity observatory will help you better understand how the ecosystem functions.

Protection of insect species

Not mowing the lawn in May helps protect certain species of insects. According to the NGO Pollinis, we observe a strong disappearance of insects for about twenty years. Lawn mowing and the use of pesticides are singled out. So, stopping mowing this area in the spring would help protect these little creatures. In addition, in May, you have the opportunity to observe rare bird species that will brighten up your garden.



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