V Rising Update 1.0 Patch Notes – V Rising Guide

V Rising Update 1.0 Patch Notes – V Rising Guide
V Rising Update 1.0 Patch Notes – V Rising Guide

Technical Changes

The game has had a major engine update and is now running on Unity 2022 (and DOTS 1.1) compared to Unity 2020 (and DOTS 0.17). Read more about DOTS here: https://unity.com/dots. The game has had some major optimization updates on both the client as well as the server, and should now be running with improved performance overall.

World Updates

Experience new discoveries in Farbane Woods. Dive into the heart of Vardoran in the Dunley Farmlands and unearth the legend of Dracula’s Demise, where the iconic vampire king was defeated centuries ago by the Church of Luminance.

New Biome – Ruins of Mortium

After forgotten centuries, the slumbering peace of this domain of eternal night is punctured by the marching of Dracula’s Legion. Venture beyond the lands of man and into the shadows, where an ancient evil stirs.

Gather your strength for war in the Ruins of Mortium, an endgame region that introduces dynamic conflict events. Engage in skirmishes against Dracula’s Legion of Noctum and conquer rifts to claim exclusive resources and weapons.

  • New Location – West Fortress Ruins
  • New Location – South Fortress Ruins
  • New Location – North Fortress Ruins
  • New Location – Vampire Village Ruins
  • New Location – Dracula’s Castle Courtyard
  • New Location – Dracula’s Castle
  • New Location – Dracula’s Garden
  • New Location – Frozen Lake Ruins
  • New Location – Ancient Sacrificial Site
  • New Location – The Shadow Realm, Throne Room
  • New Location – Vampire Merchant Camps
    • In the Ruins of Mortium, the player can visit two new vampire merchant camps, to purchase wares.

Dracula’s Legion

Face off against a new enemy, the fearsome Draculin monstrosities of the Legion of Noctum, and drink their blood to get the benefits of the new “Draculin” blood type. Battle with the mighty generals from the highest echelon of Dracula’s Court: Elena the Hollow, Cassius the Betrayer, and Valencia the Depraved.

Cargo Travelers

The arrogant humans of Vardoran now traverse the world, carrying precious cargo from location to location. Satisfy your thirst for blood and valuable loot at the same time by intercepting their caravans and further your rise to power.



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