Joe Biden assures that Donald Trump “will not accept” the result of the presidential election

Joe Biden assures that Donald Trump “will not accept” the result of the presidential election
Joe Biden assures that Donald Trump “will not accept” the result of the presidential election

“This guy is not a supporter of democracy.” Based on the principle that he would win the November presidential election, Joe Biden assured Wednesday that his Republican rival Donald Trump “would not accept” the result of the election, as for that of 2020. A projection launched a week after an interview of his rival, in which he evokes the possibility of “fighting for the good of the country”, if the election is not conducted “honestly”.

“He might not accept the outcome of the election. I assure you that he will not accept it” and it is “dangerous”, said the American president in an interview with CNN. “It is not possible to love your country only when you win,” said the 81-year-old Democrat.

“How many court cases has he lost? »

Donald Trump never conceded defeat to Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential election. His supporters, convinced of his victory, attacked the seat of the American Congress in unimaginable chaos. The ex-president is being prosecuted for his role in this assault, and for having attempted to reverse the results of the last presidential election, particularly in the state of Georgia.

“How many court cases has he lost? “, insisted Joe Biden, in reference to his rival’s attempts to contest certain local counts. “This guy is not a supporter of democracy,” he said again.

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Last week, Donald Trump refused to explicitly commit to recognizing the result of his return match against Joe Biden. “If everything is conducted honestly, I will gladly accept the results,” he said when interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “But if this is not the case, then we will have to fight for the good of the country. » In another exchange, he was also very evasive about the possibility of political violence in the wake of the November election: “If we don’t win, you know, it depends,” he said.

“To make it short: Donald Trump represents a danger for our Constitution and for democracy,” a spokesperson for Joe Biden’s campaign team had already reacted.

“Happy with the trajectory of the campaign”

In the CNN interview, Joe Biden also attacked the economic record of his Republican rival. Donald Trump “has never succeeded in creating jobs, while I have never failed. I created 15 million jobs,” he said, when asked about opinion polls according to which Americans trust his opponent more in economic matters. “Our economy is the strongest in the world,” he said.

Joe Biden also assured that former Democratic President Barack Obama, involved in his campaign, had advised him to “continue doing” what he was already doing. The American press had recently expressed supposed reservations of the former leader about the campaign led by his former vice-president, whom the polls show neck and neck with Donald Trump in voting intentions, even behind in certain decisive states .

“I am happy with the trajectory of the campaign,” assured the American president, praising the efforts made on the ground by his campaign teams to reach voters “by knocking on doors”, “the old-fashioned way”. “Most people will only concentrate and make their decision this fall,” he also said.

The American president also affirmed, as he often does, that during the international summits in which he participates, the majority of foreign leaders tell him: “You must win”.



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