SOPFEU: no one wants to have their hands blackened with ashes

No one wants to have hands blackened with ashes and a head full of remorse. However, 80% of forest fires are caused by human activity.

SOPFEU counts an average of 400 fires per season linked to human causes. Incredible all the same, especially since the forest is the playground for hunting, fishing and outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2023, the two forests devastated 4.5 million hectares of woodland, chalets and outfitters, forcing the evacuation of several thousand people living on the million hectares of habitable zone.

The 4.5 million hectares of ravaged forests represent 9 million football fields. Imagine this immensity of forest destroyed, and consequently, the loss of habitat for small and large wildlife

In an interview this week on “Rendez-Vous Nature”, the national spokesperson for SOPFEU, Stéphane Caron, calls on all forest users to exercise the greatest caution.

Above all, he says that these are fires that are all preventable. And with last year’s disastrous results, SOPFEU launched the most important prevention campaign in its history.

Refrain from smoking

And to think that the first human cause is attributable to smokers, to a cigarette butt thrown carelessly out of the car window.

Some 80 cigarette butts set the forest on fire. The fires of spring cleaning come; branches, dead leaves, materials, near the forest with 75 fires of this type each year.

Stéphane Caron (Photo SOPFEU)

There are also the 60 fires caused by an unattended campfire. Of all the devastating forest fires, camp fires are the most devastating.

To hear or re-hear this interview, click on the link above.



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