An Air France Boeing 787 lands in emergency because of a “hot smell felt in the cabin” – Libération

An Air France Boeing 787 lands in emergency because of a “hot smell felt in the cabin” – Libération
An Air France Boeing 787 lands in emergency because of a “hot smell felt in the cabin” – Libération

A Paris-Seattle flight was forced to divert to a Canadian airport, the French company announced this Wednesday, May 8. Boeing’s 787 “Dreamliner” is at the heart of an investigation by the American aviation safety authority.

The black streak continues for the American aircraft manufacturer. An Air France Boeing 787, which was operating a Paris-Seattle flight, was diverted to a Canadian airport on Tuesday following “the appearance of a hot smell felt in the cabin”, the airline admitted this Wednesday, May 8. “This decision was taken in accordance with the manufacturer’s procedures, the company’s instructions and in application of the precautionary principle. The plane landed normally in Iqaluit [ville du nord-est du Canada, NDLR] at 10:44 a.m. local time” Tuesday, it is specified in a press release.

According to a spokesperson, “the first checks by the Air France mechanic seconded to the site have not yet revealed any anomalies. These checks continue”.

“Air France scrupulously follows the requests and recommendations of the French and international authorities. No reservations have been made regarding the Boeing 787 fleets and 777 operated by our company”, recalled the latter. Passengers on the diverted flight were transported to New York-JFK airport before being rerouted to Seattle “as soon as possible”.

Boeing is going through a difficult time after several incidents. Three of the four commercial aircraft models currently manufactured by the American group are officially the subject of an investigation by the American Civil Aviation Regulatory Agency (FAA), including the 787 “Dreamliner”.

The American aviation safety authority, the FAA, opened an investigation into Boeing on Monday, in order to determine whether the aircraft manufacturer carried out the required inspections of its emblematic 787 “Dreamliner”, regarding the junction of the wings to the fuselage, and whether any documents related to these inspections were falsified by employees. This investigation was opened after the aircraft manufacturer informed the FAA in April that it “may not have carried out the required inspections.” The aircraft manufacturer “re-inspects all 787 aircraft still in production and must also develop a plan to care for the in-service fleet,” adds the FAA.

The 787 Dreamliner and the 737 MAX have suffered many production problems since 2023, which have slowed down the aircraft manufacturer’s deliveries. This has forced several airlines to change their flight schedules for 2024.

“Serious problems”

Boeing, which had already struggled to recover after two crashes in 2018 and 2019, is in turmoil after a succession of quality and safety problems on its planes for more than a year. An Alaska Airlines plane notably lost a cap holder in flight on January 5.

On April 17, four whistleblowers, including an engineer and former Boeing employees, testified before a US Senate inquiry to warn of “serious problems” production of the Boeing 737 MAX, 787 Dreamliner and 777 aircraft. This led Boeing Chief Executive Dave Calhoun to announce that he would step down at the end of the year.

Since then, two of these four whistleblowers have died.



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