Kylian Mbappé and PSG not spared by the European press

Kylian Mbappé and PSG not spared by the European press
Kylian Mbappé and PSG not spared by the European press

“Borussia finishes Mbappé”summary Mundo Deportivo. On its front page, the Catalan daily Sport title “Mbappé failure”. For his “last European match with PSG”the attacker was “unable to put on his hero costume”. The Spanish newspaper Ace announces a “Tragedy in Paris” : “Mbappé bids farewell to the French capital with more pain than glory. »

Other European titles have chosen to highlight the failed financial investment of the Qatari owners since their arrival in 2011. Blickin Switzerland, writes that the BVB released the “ extremely rich » PSG. Marcathe Madrid newspaper, figures at “1169 million euros” the amount spent by QSI since Kylian Mbappé joined the Parisian squad in 2017 and recalls that the captain of the Blues did not score a single goal in the semi-finals of the Champions League with the capital club.

As long as this remains the case, the Kylian Mbappé era will not be a reality in modern footballcomments journalist Jaime Rincon. He will not reign over Europe… by playing in Paris. »Marca awaits the 2018 world champion at Real Madrid this summer.

“Dumped”according to Bildthe former Monegasque is strongly criticized by Blick : As so often this season, Kylian Mbappé went through the match like a ghost. He did not weigh during this double confrontation as a self-proclaimed candidate for the Ballon d’Or should have weighed.. » The French-speaking site of the Zurich daily considers that “ the Parisian team did not know how to exploit a dream table to reach the final”.

To Madrid, Ace questions Luis Enrique’s choices on the management of Mbappé in recent months, while Marca asks himself if the club will be able to maintain itself and be competitive without its star, because it has been proven once again that if Kylian does not score, there is no one to score”. Tuttosportin Italy, is just as direct: “ The French woke up late, punished by presumption and bad luck. »

An improbable qualification

Borussia Dortmund is also unanimous in Europe, but in a positive way. And first in Germany, obviously. The Süddeutsche Zeitung, the “Southern” newspaper based in Munich, talks about a European journey “legendary” from the BVB.

Kicker is rave about his trainer: “Edin Terzic has done almost everything right this Champions League season. With this spirit, BVB need not fear anyone. »Bild goes even further: Give Terzic a new contract immediately! Almost disappeared in the winter, making it to the final at Wembley in June. Amazing ! »

In the Championship, they continued to be too fearful and lack imagination, while at international level, they only played determined adult football.writes the tabloid about the Borussens. The bosses themselves have no definitive explanation for the uneven performances between the Championship and the Champions League. »

For Der Spiegelthis qualification for the Dortmund C1 final is “unlikely”. This victory of the outsider was appreciated by Brand –“It’s also what makes football great. We already have a finalist and no one has given a cent for him. » – and by Sport, for whom the presence of BVB at Wembley “wasn’t in anyone’s plans”.

Hummels’ performance praised

In England, the Guardian places this story among the greatest that the Big Ears Cup has had to offer in the past. “It was an evening in which Borussia Dortmund wrote one of the most beautiful chapters in its history, in which a seemingly inconspicuous team – without big names – achieved something completely incredible. »

The Telegraph also values ​​the sporting aspect of “the best organized and most determined team on the field” Wednesday evening, with a “great collective strength” and whose place in the final, the third in its history, is “fully” deserved. For daily life in Berlin Der Tagesspiegelthis victory “ also testifies to the new strength of the Bundesliga, which, compared to the most expensive Championship in Europe, must do without the very big stars and the money of dictatorships..

Among the Borussia players, one player is particularly praised: Mats Hummels. The first, sole scorer Tuesday evening, is “ omnipresent and killer ” in the eyes of Marca. For Der Spiegelwho renamed the central defender “Matswinner” for the occasion, Hummels is the old master. (He is) the most important player for an evening like this, someone with authority. » On June 1, eleven years after the failure against Bayern Munich (1-2), already at Wembley, the 2014 world champion will have the opportunity to win the only trophy that is still missing from his record.



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